October 2013 10,000 Fresh Voices Archives

Video and Filmmaker Phil Harder

Phil Harder is a video and filmmaker who was born in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and moved to the Twin Cities in the mid-1980s. While playing with bands Breaking Circus and Big Trouble House, he began shooting videos for other bands he met on the road. As his reputation as a video-maker grew, so did his projects. In the ’90s Phil directed large-scale video productions for Babes In Toyland, Low, Foo Fighters, Prince, Liz Phair, Cornershop and many others. Since the, he’s ventured into feature-length films, including “The Claw,” a fantasy/reality film about Minnesota wrestler, Baron Von Raschke. Danny Sigelman produced this story for KFAI.

Transfer of Memory Exhibit Honors Minnesota's Holocaust Survivors

Transfer of Memory is a photography exhibit of Holocaust survivors living in Minnesota. It opened in Elk River in October 2013, and is scheduled to tour new communities each month for a year. KFAI producer Britt Aamodt attended the opening night reception, which also featured a special performance by the Buffalo High School choir. In this story Britt talks to photographer David Sherman, and to Laura Zelle of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas.

Local Salt Cave is Therapeutic

Minneapolis is home to Minnesota’s only therapeutic salt cave. The man-made salt cave opened in July 2012 to help alleviate allergy symptoms, anxiety and other ailments. KFAI producer Katey DeCelle visited the salt cave to learn more.

Maia Hamann Teaches Kids to Compose

Bassoonist Maia Hamann never expected to be teaching anyone younger than 18. But after years in the competitive orchestral world, she is teaching K-3 music at KMS Elementary, including composition, which is usually reserved for graduate students. Maia believes kids should start composing young, while imaginations are vivid and creative inhibitions are few.

"Born for the Stage" documents a unique theater group

Partnership Resources Inc. serves more than 200 clients with a range of developmental disabilities. Working to provide employment opportunities, PRI also offers art programs including visual arts, a glee club and a theater program. “Born for the Stage” is a documentary film that follows PRI actors as they work to bring their theatrical production of “Hairspray” to the stage.