June 2013 Archives

Living longer on limited incomes is challenging for seniors who want to stay in their homes —especially amid predictions that there won’t be enough health care workers to meet growing demands. All across the country the elderly are turning to each other for help, and at Mill City Commons in the Minneapolis riverfront, the growing Village-to-Village Network is transforming how we care for our aging population.

Visitors to Maplewood Mall will find more than retail shops and restaurants. The center of the mall is home to a double-decker Venetian carousel, meticulously designed and transported from Europe. Built in Venice, Italy, and reproduced from an 1898 German carousel design, this handcrafted masterpiece features 1,800 lights, a calliope, hand-painted murals and Brazilian wood floors.

Water is one of the few absolutely essential elements for human existence. Which is one reason why Ananya Chatterjea’s dance company is performing “Dance of a Thousand Water Dreams” at this year’s Northern Spark.

For some people, love is hugs and kisses. Or moonlight walks on the beach. For one local punk band, love is a song about dead cats. KFAI’s Todd Melby has the story about the F Knights.

Taryn Griggs and Chris Yon are a Twin Cities dance duo. Both McKnight dance fellows, but if you saw them walking down the street, you might never guess they were dancers. KFAI’s Todd Melby tells us why.

Jackson Schwartz discovered glass-blowing as a teenager. Today he’s part owner of Hennepin Made, a Minneapolis art studio. KFAI producers Allegra Oxborough and Juleana Enright paid Jackson a visit to learn more about the business of art.

Northern Spark 2013 was an all-night art party throughout St. Paul. This year, the installation created by Moheb Soliman for Mizna—the Twin Cities’ Arab arts and culture organization—marked the second anniversary of the Arab Spring. KFAI producer Will Wright was on the scene at Union Depot to explore.

Dan Corrigan has been photographing the Twin Cities’ music scene for years, shooting endless shows at First Avenue since the ’80s. Perhaps most well known for his portrait of the Replacements—the album cover for their 1984 release, Let It Be—Corrigan has also worked with notable groups like Trip Shakespeare, Babes in Toyland and Hüsker Dü. Today he continues to work at First Avenue as a stage hand, and is delving into a new kind of abstract photography.

Soaring athletes are sometimes compared to graceful dancers. Dancers in the Minneapolis-based company Black Label Movement might be compared to athletes, but grace won’t be the first word to come to mind. KFAI producer Todd Melby tells us why.

Metro Transit recently began operating two new super-hybrid buses. Dubbed “the Xcelsior,” its been called the cleanest bus in the United States. More efficient than other hybrid buses, the Xcelsior shuts down entirely when stopped, rather than idling and wasting fuel. The super-hybrid buses are also manufactured locally, using technologies and parts developed and built in Minnesota. KFAI’s Sarah Lageson talked with Metro Transit staff and Minneapolis bus riders aboard the #10.