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Kristina Gronquist

Kristina Gronquist has lived in the 3rd Ward for the last twelve years. She has been a business owner, renter, landlord, single parent and a homeowner.
Gronquist is the Assistant General Manager of the Eastside Food Cooperative and Treasurer on the Board of the St. Anthony West Neighborhood Association. She’s a founding member of the Northeast Investment Co-op (NEIC) and a volunteer with Achieve Mpls, the nonprofit partner of the Mpls. Public Schools.
Gronquist is endorsed by the Green Party.
She talked with KFAI’s Dale Connelly about her reasons for running, starting with her frustration over last year’s city council decision that a city charter provision that requires a referendum on big public expenditures for sports facilities didn’t apply to the Vikings stadium project.

Michael Katch

Michael Katch has been a resident of the Downtown West Neighborhood for over 7 years. He has two endorsements – one from the Libertarian Party and one from the Pirate Party. Katch has criticized the Minneapolis City Council for being what he calls “hobby real estate developers.”
As a Libertarian, he believes economic development should come from the private sector without incentives from the city.
Katch talked with KFAI’s Dale Connelly, who asked about a recent development scuffle in the Dinkytown neighborhood of ward 3.
The incumbent, Diane Hofstede, supported a development moratorium in the area, but the city council voted to proceed with a controversial development anyway.
Katch explains why he supported the moratorium.

Jacob Frey

Jacob Frey is an attorney and a community organizer.
He’s a resident of the Nicollet Island/East Bank Neighborhood and a member of the Minneapolis Capital Long Range Improvement Committee.
Frey is also known for organizing the Big Gay Race, mobilizing over 10,000 people and raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight the marriage amendment. Frey took the DFL endorsement from incumbent Diane Hofstede, who withdrew from the endorsement process. He stopped by KFAI to talk with Trisha Collopy. She noted that four city council incumbents did not get the DFL endorsement this time around, and she asked Jacob Frey why he thinks that happened.

Diane Hofstede

Diane Hofstede represents Ward 3 on the Minneapolis City Council.
She began her career as a Minneapolis public school teacher at North High School in North Minneapolis, and at Northeast Junior High. She was a curriculum writer for the Minneapolis School District where she trained teachers and administrators in all Minneapolis junior and senior high schools in non-racist and non-sexist teaching/curriculum techniques. Hofstede has represented Ward 3 since 2006. Although she has had the DFL endorsement in the past. Hofstede does not have it this time. Instead, the endorsement went to her opponent, Jacob Frey.Diane Hofstede talked about that with KFAI’s Trisha Collopy.