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Gregg A. Iverson

Gregg Iverson describes himself as a retired MN DOT employee who has been in public service his entire life. He served in Viet Nam and taught school. He talked with KFAI’s Dale Connelly, who asked Iverson why he wants to be Mayor of Minneapolis.

Doug Mann

Minneapolis will elect a new mayor this fall.
There are 35 candidates running for the office.
We recently sat down with Doug Mann, who has run for a school board post in Minneapolis four separate times. In his mayoral bid, he is endorsed by the New Progressive Alliance.
Part of his political platform is to eliminate racism in our communities and schools. He talked about this goal with KFAI’s Nathan Elliot.

John Leslie Hartwig

Minneapolis will elect a new mayor this Fall.
Voters will have a wide range of choices, with 35 names appearing on the ballot. KFAI has extended an invitation to all of the candidates, and several have accepted the offer to be interviewed.
One of the lesser known candidates is John Leslie Hartwig. He talked with KFAI’s John Helgeson.

Betsy Hodges

Betsy Hodges is a member of the Minneapolis City Council, representing Ward 13.
She has been active with the Minnesota Justice Foundation and Take Action Minnesota, and points with pride to her work on the council regarding financial and equity issues.
She stopped by KFAI and talked with host Willie Dominguez on the show Sabados Alegres.

Joshua Rea

Independent Mayoral Candidate Joshua Rea talked on the phone with KFAI’s Ben Lauer. We’ll join the interview as Rea addresses his personal qualifications for the job, and why he believes Minneapolis needs someone who is not a career politician.

Don Samuels

Don Samuels represents Ward 5 on the Minneapolis City Council. He’s an immigrant from Jamaica who lives on the city’s north side. He visited KFAI recently and talked with Yvette Howie about his education-focused campaign. She asked him to describe the life he envisions for a child growing up in his neighborhood.

James "Jimmie" Stroud Jr.

James “Jimmie” Stroud is a native of Washington DC. Stroud says he came to Minnesota in 1984 as a stand-up comic to do some fundraising for a local youth group. He stayed in Minnesota and has done work with the Minneapolis Urban League and the Legal Rights Center of Minnesota. He currently works as a Career Transition Specialist at the Hubert Humphrey Job Corps Center in St. Paul. KFAI’s Dale Connelly asked Stroud why he decided to run for mayor of Minneapolis.

Ole Savior

Perennial candidate Ole Savior met recently with KFAI’s Alex Forbes to discuss the issues and his decision to run for Minneapolis mayor. Savior has appeared on the ballot many times before while making a bid for different offices.
Alex Forbes asked him how many times he has run.

Dan Cohen

Dan Cohen served on the city council for four years in the 1960’s. He has also been on the city’s charter and planning commissions – he’s still a member of the planning commission.
Among the candidates – Cohen has the largest amount of money to spend – the proceeds of a lawsuit he won against the Star Tribune when he was identified as a source for a political story after being promised anonymity.
Dan Cohen came to the KFAI studios and talked with Dale Connelly about the moment when he realized he wanted to run for mayor.