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Edmund Bruyere

Edmund Bernard Bruyere is an Anishinabe First Nation tribal member, born and raised in Minneapolis. He has a Master’s degree in Special Education with an emphasis in emotional behavioral problems, and a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology. Dr. Bruyere talked with KFAI’s Dale Connelly, and said one of his reasons for wanting to be mayor of Minneapolis is a desire to address economic and social issues on the city’s north side.

Stephanie Woodruff

Stephanie Woodruff is an accountant and the only candidate in the race endorsed by a major party – the Independence Party of Minnesota. She talked about her candidacy with KFAI’s Dale Connelly.

Christopher Clark

Libertarian candidate Christopher Clark is one of 35 people who will appear on the November Ballot for Mayor of Minneapolis. Clark moved to Minnesota from Nebraska in 1999. He believes in reducing taxes and thinks Minneapolis has put too much money into expensive projects that haven’t worked out well. He talked to KFAI’s Mary Keating.

Bob "Again" Carney Jr.

Bob “Again” Carney Jr. is well known to Minneapolis voters who read the ballot. He has run for office many times. As a mayoral candidate, Carney advocates what he describes as a “transit revolution.” Carney calls himself a candidate-journalist, and he feels the use of Ranked Choice Voting in this election gives Minneapolis residents an opportunity for enhanced political expression. KFAI’s Rico Morales asked Bob “Again” Carney why he wants to be mayor of Minneapolis.

Neal Baxter

Neal Baxter is a member of several governance-related city committees – the Capital Long-Range Improvement Committee and the Pedestrian Advisory Committee. He’s also a member of the Bancroft Neighborhood Association and has worked as an usher and bartender at the Guthrie Theater for 28 years. Neal Baxter talked with KFAI’s Dale Connelly.

Abdul "The Rock" Rahaman

Minneapolis will elect a new mayor this coming Fall.
This month on the Morning Blend we’ll try to bring you a conversation with a different mayoral candidate every day.
We have more than enough. Voters will see 35 names on the ballot in November.
Abdul “the Rock” Rahaman is one of them. He talked with KFAI’s Dale Connelly.

Troy Benjegerdes

Troy Benjegerdes is one of 35 candidates running for Mayor of Minneapolis this November. He talked with KFAI’s Cynthia Montana.
The city is using Ranked Choice Voting in this election, so voters will be able to indicate their preference for up to three candidates.

Mark V. Anderson

Mark V. Anderson, one of the candidates for Mayor this year in the city of Minneapolis. He and 34 others will appear on the ballot this November.
He talked with KFAI’s Dale Connelly.
Thanks to Joshua Lowenhagen for editing this feature.

Bob Fine

Bob Fine has been a member of the Minneapolis Park Board for 16 years. He also serves on the city’s board of Estimate and Taxation, and has been on the Minneapolis Civil Rights Commission for 18 years.

Bill Kahn

Minneapolis Mayoral Candidate Bill Kahn admits that he joined the contest because no one else would take up his idea to re-structure the city’s government and become, in effect, the Last Mayor of Minneapolis.
Kahn told KFAI’s Dale Connelly that he doesn’t really expect to win, but feels he had to enter the race.