February 2014 Jazzed Up And Bonkers!! Archives

Travis and Dan tell you whats new at the movies and get a visit from the 78 Guys.
Lots of great records are played and lots of funny junk gets said.
Don’t be a super dud, listen to it.

Dan and Travis dissect the inner workings of Quantum Mechanics, String Theory, and discuss potential growth of the US Domestic Economy. Each mathematical formulation of Quantum Mechanics is considered and thus examined in both a traditional scientific approach and a newer millennial perspective (let’s not forget the fundamentals though-Matrix Mechanics, Wave Mechanics, etc. etc.) !! The boys also update String Theory’s progress, dating back to Bosonic String Theory and follow its journey and re-classification throughout the decades since its inception in the mid twentieth century. String Harmonics, Cosmology, Supersymmetry? You bet! You’ll get it all in this action-packed episode of Jazzed Up And Bonkers!!

They also play a lot of cool rock and roll records and fart sounds.