May 2013 Turtle Island: Voices Rising Archives

3-4pm: Let's Talk Doctrine of Christian Discovery

Hosted by John Kane

4-5pm: NDN ID: Emerging American Indian Identity in the 21st Century

Hosted by Roy Taylor & Marne Zafar

6:30-7pm: American Indian Movement, with Clyde Belecourt & Jason Elias

Hosted by Laura Waterman Wittstock and Clyde Bellecourt

7-8pm: The State of the Native American Community in Minneapolis

Hosted by Richard Boswell, Jason Elias, Asharra Ives, & Mike Forcia.

8-10pm: Powwow Power Hour² - Live Performance from Ringing Shield Drum Singers

Hosted by Annette Joy

10pm-12am Indigenous In Music - Part 2

Hosted by Larry Knudsen