March 2013 International Woman's Day 2013 Archives

12-2am: Many a Woman’s Voice, Hosted by Rmay

Celebrate the music of women from soul, jazz, rock, classical, and world music. You’ll either be tapping your foot or dancing around your living room.

2-3am: Women Storytellers Tell Tales About Women, Hosted by Britt Aamodt
3-4am: Music From Bangladesh, Hosted by Bangladeshi Naari
4-6am: Winyan Dowanpi (The Women are Singing), Hosted by First Nations Composer Initiative
6-7am: Four Women Black: Part of the Ancestral Wrap Project, Hosted by Rosa Bogar
8-9am: Why Are We in America, Hosted by Alla Staroseletskaya
7-8am: Rhythm Recipes: The Way She Moves, Hosted by Alicia Steele & Sarah White

Mixing up healthy movement, recipes and the sounds that inspire them, or the other way around.

9-10am: Stolen Childhoods - Hosted by Madeline Ramirez & Produced by Meera Miller
10-11am: Women and Global Climate Crisis - Hosted by Christine Frank
11am-12pm: Swing Sets - Hosted by Sabrina Crews