February 2013 BELOWtheWASTE Archives

A Valentine's bloodbath! Ben and Mason plow through more than two dozen love-bummers. Car wrecks! Plane crashes! Shark attacks! Ghost threats! Death by society/ambiguous drug use! Curl up with the one you love or hole up in a cabin plotting your revenge; this is the perfect soundtrack for either.

Taped live on location at scenic Medicine Lake. The KFAI studios were full and we didn't want to make you wait.  Feel free to put off listening 'til tomorrow over a box of 50% off assorted chocolates, if you must.


BtW returns without a theme for the post-holiday malaise. JACK into the stream as we trawl the archives for user-submitted posts that run the gamut from rare Bob Marley demos to something called Sissy Penis Factory. I know! Even we are a bit overwhelmed by it all, especially since we weren't in the beautifully ramshackle KFAI Studio 1 last week.

LL Cool J Is Wearing My Jeans