Two Minneapolis sisters are using the art of dance to inspire other girls and women to unleash their unique talents and abilities.  Towards that goal, they’ve started a hip hop dance collective that goes by the three letter name S.H.E., which stands for “She Who Holds Everything”.  


Last November President Obama rejected plans to build the Keystone XL pipeline to move Canadian tar sands oil through the US to the Gulf of Mexico, but the would-be builder, TransCanada, is still holding out in a lawsuit against the Obama administration.

He’s the guy you see randomly in Minneapolis. In winter, he wears black suits. In summer, he wears white suits. His name is Scott Seekins and as you might have guessed, he’s an artist. KFAI’s Rico Morales brings us the story of the man behind the suits.



Minnesota author Kao Kalia Yang says her father grew up in the jungles of Laos, with no shoes on his feet. She says:

“It was in the jungles that he met my mother and married her. He was nineteen years old when he crossed the Mekong River with my mother, my sister, and my grandmother, into Thailand where they waited in the refugee camp for a future to begin.”


Katherine Bergman is a local composer and one quarter of the Caprice Saxophone Quartet. She's also part of the Spitting Image Collective, a group of composers and performers who togtether create and critique their own music, as well as commissioning new works from other local composers.

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