On May 29th, 2014 the Metropolitan Council held a public comment meeting for the proposed Southwest Light Rail Transit line.
At a press conference before the meeting began, and during the public testimony, several speakers urged officials to pay close attention to the LRT as a way to promote economic advancement for the region’s most disadvantaged people.
KFAI’s Rico Morales was there and he filed this report.

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The Minneapolis City Council approved new rules that will allow mobile grocery stores to offer a bigger selection of healthy foods and operate in more locations than before.
Mayor Betsy Hodges said “Mobile grocery stores will offer fresh, healthy food in an accessible and affordable way, especially in low-income neighborhoods.”
The Wilder Foundation is one of the organizations exploring mobile grocery stores as a way to get healthy food to under-served neighborhoods.

Leah Driscoll co-ordinates Wilder’s “Twin Cities Mobile Market.”

Beginning at 12am – Turtle Island Voices Rising: A Special Day of Indigenous Programming

Alan Weisman is an investigative journalist whose latest book, “Countdown”, just won a Los Angeles Times Book Prize.

He interviewed dozens of scientists, experts and everyday working people in 21 countries to identify and explore the critical issues surrounding our planet’s staggering population explosion.

Alan Weisman talked with KFAI’s Steve Chollar about the book, which he says grew out of four questions he asked at the end of his previous book, the best seller “The World Without Us.”

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At the Bryant Lake Bowl in Uptown, Minneapolis, the Theater of Public Policy will consider … apples.

The Theater of Public Policy brings together experts, politicians and policy makers with a group of improv comedians to inform and entertain audiences around some of the most crucial issues of the day. The group’s final show of the season, at the Bryant Lake Bowl Theater on Thursday, May 22 at 7pm, looks at Minnesota’s dominance in breeding new varieties of apples.

Tane Danger is one of the founders of the Theater of Public Policy. He talked with KFAI’s Paul Brohaugh on The Morning Blend.

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“Urban place making” the popular name for an approach to creating public spaces by inviting primary users contribute to the planning, design, and management of the project.

Gil Peñalosa, is a place making expert who has successfully led the design and development of hundreds of parks. As the executive director of the Toronto based 8-80 Cities, and he advises local leaders on creating public places that promote vitality regardless of one’s economic, social, or ethnic background.

Peñalosa was recently invited by the St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce to join a series of local lectures and discussion forums. He told KFAI’s Jumondeh Tweh that the Twin cities skyway system is not the urban asset many perceive it to be.

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On June 14th, the Central Corridor “Green Line” Light Rail project will open, ushering in a new era in transit for the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

The Met Council has tallied at least $2.5 billion in development, including 121 new construction and redevelopment projects planned, under construction or completed within a half-mile of the $957 million line.

But the long term effect of light rail on low income communities along the route is still open to debate.

St. Paul and Ramsey County officials gathered recently at a meeting of the St. Paul Chamber of Commerce to talk with business leaders about development changes that are underway, and those yet to come.

Rico Morales has a report.

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If you go to the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul, you’ll find that someone has left their toys out.

“Toys of the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s” is a traveling exhibit developed by the History Center that features hundreds of toys and a play zone around every corner for a hands-on experience.

There will also be multimedia presentations and a trivia game hosted by Maureen McCormick of The Brady Bunch.

KFAI’s Sharon Chen talked with Kate Roberts, the Exhibit Developer and co-author of the companion book Toys of the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s.

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Rainbow Spirit Rising: Transfeminine Visibility in the Arts
Produced by Rachael Love

Minnesota is a leader of social justice issues, including acceptance of the LGBTQ community. The vibrant art scene of the Twin Cities, in particular, builds awareness and understanding through creativity.

In this audio documentary, KFAI producer Rachael Love explores how the transgender community is gaining strength, acceptance and accolades through the arts.

Hear conversations with Jill Gaulding of Gender Justice, a non-profit law firm in St. Paul; Roxanne Anderson of the South Minneapolis-based Trans Youth Support Network members of 20% Theatre Company and CeCe McDonald, a transgender woman, artist and social justice advocate.

MinneCulture is broadcast every Wednesday from 7:30-8pm on KFAI. This program is made possible by a grant from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

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.Throughout much of their lives, men have a weight advantage over women, whose bodies are naturally designed to hold more fat. Fair or not, men’s hormonal make-up, muscle mass, and unique metabolic profile make it easier for them to stay lean. But certain conditions can overturn that gift—the passage of time, the pressure of work and others, the wrong ‘fuel’—and lead men to a hormonal state that more closely resembles women.
Health Notes Airs Mondays – 6:30-7:30PM



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