Seven members of the Minnesota 8. Bill Tilton is in the back row, second in from the left.

Front row (from left) are Chuck Turchick, Mike Therriault (with book), Brad Beneke (head turned) and Don Olson. Back row (from left): Pete Simmons, Bill Tilton and Frank Kroncke. Missing: Cliff Ulen.

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Jamila Anderson is a Twin Cities area performer who has been acting on local stages for sixteen years.  Like every other actor, she has learned her lines and played the roles assigned to her.  

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Do you feel that little itch behind your left ear? Do you think it could be … do you have lice? 

Café Scientifique, the Bell Museum of Natural History’s monthly series of happy hour talks at the Bryant Lake Bowl continues on Tuesday, November 15 with an important question: “What should a clever moose eat?”


Whether you’ve been dancing your whole life or you just like watching others do it, whether you know a lot about Balkan culture or none at all, don’t miss the Balkanicus Institute’s dance and culture marathon – Dance the Balkan Way!