KFAI membership drives have long tails, and well after the two-week on-air portion ended contributions continue to stream in — via the mail, the Web and even walked in the door. When we officially wrapped up the Spring membership campaign on Friday, April 17, 1,166 donors had contributed $98,614 to Fresh Air Radio. Eighty-two percent of this figure has already been paid — an important consideration! Fundraising success of this magnitude only happens through the effort of our dedicated volunteers and support of our listener-members. To everyone who contributed to this Spring’s success we express our sincerest gratitude and thanks.

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Pictured (L to R: Congressman Keith Ellison, Congresswoman Betty McCollum, National Endowment for the Arts Chair Jane Chu,  Walker Art Center Curator Nisa Mackie, MN State Arts Board Executive Director Sue Gens. 

One of the nation’s largest gatherings of literary artists took place last weekend in Minneapolis, and the event drew some high ranking art officials.  

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The Campus Kitchen at Augsburg College works to make healthy food accessible in and around the Cedar Riverside Neighborhood. Augsburg staff, students, and community members work to provide for basic needs, create opportunities for service learning, leadership development, and genuine engagement between the college and the community.

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Young people who have been in and out of the foster care system too often wind up homeless, or in prison, or in a situation where there is no security and they don’t know where their next meal is coming from.   Their life stories are often overlooked.

On the evening of April 12 in St. Paul, a group of performers will get a chance to tell those stories in a theatrical piece called “Fostering Voice”

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African American baseball players played on integrated teams in Minnesota as early as 1884 in Stillwater. When segregation peaked in the 1920s, African American athletes formed their own leagues and teams, propping up entire local economies associated with black baseball. Historian Frank White has curated an exhibit on this local sports history for the Ramsey County Historical Society, detailing the stories behind teams like the St. Paul Quicksteps, Uptown Sanitation Co., and the St. Paul Colored Gophers.

Nanci Olesen is the director of the Mayflower Early Childhood Center in South Minneapolis, a Montessori preschool program for children 16 months to 6 years old. She stops by the Morning Blend regularly to talk about family and parenting issues. This week Nanci speaks with KFAI's Ryan Dawes about kids and money, diving into allowance, savings, charitable giving, and even planning for college. 

These days, it seems everyone is always talking about juicing, cleanses, and smoothies. In Drink Your Way to Gut Health, Molly Morgan, a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics, brings credentials and extensive knowledge to the topic with 140 healing drink recipes based on kefir, yogurt, kombucha, almond milk, and ginger beer. The beverages, like Energizing, Nutrient-Rich, and Detoxifying, not only work against a variety of ailments like type 2 diabetes, allergies, and obesity, but are delicious too. Blueberry Cinnamon Crush are just two of the delicious drinks that Molly and Kinshasha will talk about. Nutritional data, health tips, resource lists, and shopping guides, are also topics that will be discussed making this interview an indispensable resource for those looking to improve their gut health.

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Your body represents to the world your history and the emotion you carry inside. This program is about you and the body you want to have. Loa has great respect for the depth of what the human body can endure and the powerful healing machine that it is. She sees the beauty inside you, and wants you to see it, too. There’s no need to pay for a torturous workout regiment — her one-of-a-kind program will urge you step-by-step down a path that will sculpt your body and purify your mind. As you journal your way through this seven-week experience, Loa motivates you with groundbreaking information on food and fitness offering insights all along the way. But, there’s a secret Ingredient, too: All Health’s Breaking Loose contains the riches of Loa’s 30 years of experience in the beauty and fitness industry. She made her mark in Hollywood as one of the top makeup artists in the business, making our beloved celebrities look their best in fashion magazines, television, and on the silver screen. Bob Hope, Eugene Levy, Hugh Grant, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Raquel Welch, James Caan, Courteney Cox, Mathew McConaughey, and Christopher Guest — a galaxy of stars have shone brightly because of Loa’s touch. .
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The Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis has brought Greg Bank’s adaptation of Mark Twain’s classic children’s story The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn to life in a spare but resonant production. Ansa Akyea plays multiple roles, most notably the escaped slave Jim. And Victor Zupanc appears on stage throughout as one of two musicians who participate in, and accompany, the action. They talked with KFAI’s Brenda Bell Brown about the the complexity and power of this simple story.

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