KFAI fondly remembers J. Otis Powell, poet, scholar, visionary and dear friend to many.  

Celebrate J. Otis Powell's life at a KFAI community gathering on Saturday, September 30th from 2-4pm at SPNN. Bring your stories, bring your poetry, bring your memories and spend time with a community of people who loved him. 

With the increasing abuse of prescription drugs affecting every facet of society, this book addresses treating chronic pain without opioids and/or other prescription painkillers. The focus is on a holistic approach to living with chronic pain

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Mike Robbins is the author of three books, Focus on the Good Stuff, Be Yourself Everyone Else is Already Taken, and Nothing Changes Until You Do, which have been translated into fourteen different languages.

As an expert in teamwork, emotional intelligence, and the powers of appreciation and authenticity, Mike delivers keynote addresses and interactive seminars that empower people, teams, and organizations to work together effectively and be more successful. He has inspired tens of thousands of people around the world to reach new levels of awareness and productivity, both personally and professionally. Through his speeches, seminars, and writing, Mike teaches people important techniques that allow them to be more grateful, appreciative, and authentic with others and themselves.

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A Minnesota Mosque has survived an attack by someone with an "improvised explosive device" F.B.I.

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The fight to defend civil liberties is ongoing and not every American agrees on just where those rights begin and end.

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Mary Hayes Grieco is a respected spiritual teacher based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. An original and expansive thinker, a pragmatic emotional healer, and an uplifting public speaker, Mary has inspired thousands of people since she first began teaching spirituality classes in 1982. Currently she is the director and lead trainer of The Midwest Institute for Forgiveness Training, and the author of The New Kitchen Mystic and Unconditional Forgiveness, . She works in private practice as a spiritual mentor and a forgiveness healer at The Well Healing Arts Center in Minneapolis.
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This is Part III of a three part series of Dr. Richard Schultze’s talk on “There are no Incurable Diseases”. Dr. Schultze’s Health Crusade: My personal commitment is to offer every American an OPTION to medical doctors, hospitals, surgery, chemical drugs and the physical, emotional and financial bankruptcy that this system of DISEASE MANAGEMENT causes. Unless maintaining chronic diseases with medical doctors, drugs and surgeries, and spending your nest egg to do it sounds like fun, I have an alternative. It’s called health! In fact, I like to call it Creating Powerful Health! It’s a lot more fun, less costly than managing disease, and lets you live life to your fullest potential.

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In urban and rural communities across the nation, a powerful grassroots movement called Indivisible is demanding meetings with their congressional representatives and finding other ways to push back on issues like health care, travel bans and climate change.  In Minnesota’s  suburban  Second and Third Congressional Districts, Republican Congressmen Jason Lewis and  Erik Paulsen are feeling the heat.  
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One of the performers coming to Minnesota for this weekend's Pride Festival is Jessica Sutta, well known as a singer, dancer, and former member of the Pussycat Dolls. 

Sutta talked with KFAI's Quinn "Shimmer" Villagomez for the programs Fresh Fruit and The Morning Blend.  

Here's the full interview.  

Dr. Richard Schulze, N.D., M.H. is one of the FOREMOST Authorities on Natural Healing and Herbal Therapy in the World. He operated Natural Cure Clinics in New York, Southern California and Europe for almost 20 years up until 1994. He still teaches throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia and has for the past 20+ years. He has designed Natural Therapy Programs, which have assisted tens of thousands of People Worldwide to create MIRACLES and REGAIN their Health.