5/9/2009 Temposphere


This week, Temposhere is preempted to bring you a live remote broadcast of Jason Moran and the Big Bandwagon:http://www.jasonmoran.com/ live from the Walker Art Center:http://www.walkerart.org/index.wac.

Called “The most provocative thinker in current jazz” by Rolling Stone, Jason Moran’s performance on May 9th is built around the extraordinary “tentet” recording of Thelonius Monk’s legendary 1959 Town Hall Concert.

Integrating samples of Monk’s original music and conversations with his own interpretations of Monk tunes, Moran leads his audience deep into the historic jazz event while simultaneously bringing them headlong into the 21st century.

This live remote broadcast is co-presented by the Walker Art Center, KFAI and Northrop Jazz.

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May 9, 2009