5/1/2009 Fubar Omniverse


A wedding celebration for my niece Katherine Assef and her sweetheart Christian Estevez, who were married on May 2nd in Montpellier, France.
While we could not all be together on their happy day, we could celebrate through music, with an assist from internet streaming.
The music mix reflected the five ancestral streams coming together in this marriage; Katherine's Irish, German, and Iranian roots, and Christian's Spanish and French heritage.
(Okay, so the German side did end up being heavy on the kraut-rock and you just knew Kraftwerk was going to make an appearance...)

Speaking of couples, we checked in with the Twin Cities' busiest rock and roll couple, Sir Chadwick and Lady Tracy and their burgeoning enterprise, DJ Rock the Monkey.

6 AM
Poney Express: Paris de Loin (Le Pop: Les Filles; Le Pop Musik)
Arian Band: Afsoongar (Glamorous) (Ta Binahayat (Till Eternity); Tareneh Sharghee 136)
Kila: Seo Mo Leaba (Gambler's Ballet)
Susana Seivane: Chao Curuxeiras (Alma de Buxo; Green Linnet)

Can: Paperhouse (Tago Mago; Mute/Spoon)
Les Yper-Sound: Psyche Rock (Pop á Paris: More Rock 'n' Roll and Miniskirts; Sunnyside)
Haale: Middle of Fire (No Ceiling; Haale/Channel A Music)

Altan: Is the Big Man Within? / Tilly Finn's Reel (Local Ground; Narada)
Kornog: Baleadenn: Tour / Baleadenn: Kejaj / Baleadenn: Laride-Gavotte/Laride-Gavotte (Kornog; Green Linnet)
La Musgaña: Truvisqueira (20 (Veinte); Mad River/Lubicán)

7 AM
The Kâmkârs: From Alley to Alley (The Living Fire; Long Distance)
Kraftwerk: Computer Love (Computer World; Warner Brothers)
Paris Combo: Attraction (Live; Ark 21)
Guerino et Son Orchestre Musette de la boite a matelots: Brise Napolitaine (Café de Paris 1930-41; Music Club)

Guests: Sir Chadwick and Lady Tracy, aka DJ Rock the Monkey, billboarding their very busy May schedule

Milladoiro: Cantos de Pandeiro de Cabano e Concuesto (Auga de Maio; Green Linnet)
Celtic Fiddle Festival: Farewell to Ireland/Foxhunter's Reel (Encore; Green Linnet)
Jacky Molard Acoustic Quartet: Aky's Reel (Jacky Molard Acoustic Quartet; Innacor)

8 AM
Mamak Khadem: Baz Amadam/ the Return (Jostojoo (Forever Seeking); Mamak Khadem)
Velvet Underground: I'll Be Your Mirror (The Velvet Underground with Nico; MGM)
Constance Amiot: Clash dans le Tempo (Le Pop: Les Filles; Le Pop Musik)
Clotaire K: Beyrouth Ecoeurée (The Rough Guide to Arabesque; World Music Network)

Begoña Olavide: Noche Maravillosa (Mudejar; M-A Recordings)
Haale: Town on the Sea / Ay Dar Shekasteh (No Ceiling; Haale/Channel A Music)

JAMS: Naar Oostland (Unwired: Europe; World Music Network)
Can: She Brings the Rain (Soundtracks; Mute)
Cathal McConnell: Long Expectant Comes at Last (Long Expectant Comes at Last; Compass)
Julie Assef: Whither Thou Goest (self produced)
Karan Casey: Distant Shore (Distant Shore; Shanachie)

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May 1, 2009

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