4/26/2009 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground


*Feature Presentation* - *The Deadeye Kid*, a sort of detective western, sorting out a feud in the mountains. By Julie Hoverson, curator of a href=http://www.19nocturneboulevard.net target=_new19 Nocturne Boulevard/a.
*Special Feature* - *The White Castle, Part 1*. a href=http://www.zbs.org/catalog/ target=_newZBS/a latest adventure of Captain Jack Flanders. Jack is invited to a Caribbean Island, visiting a high-tech castle that looks like a medieval fortress. Giant plasma screens play scenes from Bali, India, Morocco, and Brazil.

Playlist Tracks: 
Julie Hoverson - The Deadeye Kid
Album: Deadeye Kid; Label: 19NocturneBoulevard.net
Meatball Fulton - The White Castle, Part 1
Album: The White Castle; Label: ZBS.org
Air Date: 
April 26, 2009

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