4/24/2009 Voice Cried Softly


XINLISUPREME: Murder License (Murder License) FatCat 2002
TYRANNOSAURUS REX: Wind Cheater (A Beard of Stars) Blue Thumb 1970
SHAGRAT: Boo! I Said Freeze (Nothing Exceeds Like Excess) Shagrat 1970
LAVENDER DIAMOND: You Broke My Heart (The Cavalry of Light) Matador 2005
THE WIPERS: Can This Be (Youth of America) Restless 1981
CHICKS ON SPEED AND THE THE NOHEADS: Mitte Bitte (Press the Spacebar) Chicks On Speed 2003
THE ROCK-AFIRE EXPLOSION (featuring Beach Bear): Do You Love Me? (7 single) Creative 1981
EMPEROR X: Edgeless (Central Hug/Friend Army/Fractaldunes [and the Dreams That Resulted]) Discos Mariscos 2004
X-RAY SPEX: Let's Submerge (live at the Roxy) Receiver 1977
DAVID PEEL THE APPLE BAND: Imagine (Bring Back the Beatles) Orange 1977
DOG-FACED HERMANS: Viva (Bump and Swing) Alternative Tentacles 1994
SLINT: Good Morning, Captain (Spiderland) Touch and Go 1991
CAN: Mother Upduff (Unlimited Edition) Mute 1969
UKE OF SPACES CORNERS COUNTY: Outter Spaceways (So Far On the Way) Corleone 2007
OBSCURA: Requiem (7 single) Prospective 1995
VIV AKAULDREN: Magnolia (7 single) Akashic 1989
DONOVAN: Jersey Thursday (Fairytale) Hickory 1965
QUICKSPACE: Exemplary Swishy (self) Kitty Kitty 1997

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April 24, 2009

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