4/17/2009 Voice Cried Softly


THE VELVET UNDERGROUND: Coney Island Steeplechase (Another View) Verve 1969
MERCURY REV: Coney Island Cyclone (Yerself Is Steam) Mint Films 1990
WEIRD AL YANKOVIC: eBay (Poodle Hat) Volcano 2003
ANIMAL COLLECTIVE: Unsolved Mysteries (Strawberry Jam) Domino 2007
DUSTDEVILS: The Revenge of Cruiser Gurner (Struggling Electric and Chemical) Matador 1990
JOHN AND YOKO THE DIRTY MAC: Whole Lotta Yoko (Rock and Roll Circus) Abkco 1968
WOOFERS TWEETERS ENSEMBLE: I Wanna Hold Your Hand (Beatle Barkers) Passport 1983
CRYPTACIZE: How Did the Actor Laugh? (Dig That Treasure) Asthmatic Kitty 2008
THE CAL HOPKINS AMISH ARMADA: Theme (self) Mother of All Music 2000
LARKIN GRIMM: My Justine (Parplar) Young God 2008
ABE VIGODA: Endless Sleeper (Skeleton) Post Present Medium 2008
SYD BARRETT: Opel (Opel) Capitol 1969
ANTONY AND THE JOHNSONS: Epilepsy Is Dancing (The Crying Shame) Secretly Canadian 2009
SUN CITY GIRLS: 100 Pounds of Black Olives (You're Never Alone with a Cigarette) Abduction 1989
DONOVAN: Ferris Wheel (Sunshine Superman) Epic 1966
CRESCENT: Mimosa (By the Roads and the Fields) FatCat 2003
BIRDSONGS OF THE MESOZOIC: (Excerpts from) The Rite of Spring (Magnetic Flip) Ace of Heads 1984

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April 17, 2009

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