4/10/2009 Across The Board


Toby Radloff - Love For Sale
(Killer Nerd DVD / Troma)

Mick Ronson - Only After Dark
(Slaughter On 10th Avenue / Snapper)

Robert Cobert - Dark Shadows theme
(House Of Dark Shadows - Night Of Dark Shadows / TCM Music)

Psychic TV -Neurology Pt 1: TOPY's Spokesman
(The Temple Ov Psychick Youth / Crippled Frog Music)

The The - Flesh Bones
(If You Can't Please Yourself, You Can't Please Your Soul / Some Bizaare)

Serge Gainsbourgh - New York USA
(Coleur Cafe / Phillips)

Mick Harvey - Jazz In THe Ravine
(Intoxicated Man / Mute)

Nick Cave The Bad Seeds - Up Jumped The Devil
(Tender Prey / Mute)

Anita Lane - Jesus Almost Got Me
(Dirty Pearl / Mute)

Les Surfs - If You Please (Pitty Please)
(The Atomic Cafe: French Cuts 2 / unknown label)

Recoil - Jezebel
(Liquid / Mute)

The Golden Gate Quartet - Wade In THe Water
(The Golden Gate Quartet Radio Transcriptions 1941-1944 / Document Records)

Nocturnal Emissions - The Rent Collection Courtyard
(Songs Of Love Revolution / Dark Vinyl)

Chris Cosey - Little Houses
(Songs Of Love Lust / Wax Trax)

Lyn Van Heck - Intamacy
(The Terminator / Cinemaster)

The Glove - Punish Me With Kisses
(Blue Sunshine / Rhino)

Chester - A Word with Chester: Fantasy Love Date
(Sifl Olly Audio Library #1 / MTV Network)

The Coasters - Down In Mexico
(Grindhouse: Death Proof / A Band Apart)

Leonard Herbert - Laissez Entrer Le Soliel (Let The Sunshine In)
(The Atomic Cafe: French Cuts 2 / unknown label)

Olympia - Femina Ridens Song
(Women In Lounge Vol 2 / Cinedelic Records)

Bruno Nicola Audry Stainton - The Day I Was Born
(99 Donne / Digitmovies)

The Carrie Nations - Find It
(Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls soundtrack / Sound Track Classics)

Glenda Collins - Something I've Got To Tell You
(It's Hard To Believe It: The Amazing World Of Joe Meek / Razor Tie)

Nina Hagen - Wenn Ich An Dich Denk
(Sternenmadchen / BMG)

Pink Floyd - Remember The Day
(Relics / Capitol)

Sifl Olly - Calls From The Public: Jargon Scott's Legless Dogs
(Sifl Olly Audio Library #1 / MTV Network)

Klaus Nomi - After The Fall
(Simple Man / RCA)

Gary Numan - Stormtrooper In Drag
(Dance / Beggars Banquet)

Lydia Lunch Rowland S. Howard - Some Velvet Morning
(Some Velvet Morning 12 / 4AD)

Johnny Teupen - Minikillers II
(Popshopping / Cripple Dick Hot Wax)

Psychic TV -Neurology Pt 2: Jim Jones (R) Charles Manson (L)
(The Temple Ov Psychick Youth / Crippled Frog Music)
**you will need headphones to really ejoy this track**

Manfred Hubler Siegfried Schwab - Necronomania
(3 Films By Jess Franco / Lucertola Media)

The Legendary Pink Dots - Just A Lifetime
(The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse / Play It Again Sam)

Godley Creme - Cry
(Rewind - The Best In Music Video / EMI)

Gert Wilden Orchestra - I Told You Not To Cry
(The Schulmadchen Report / Cripple Dick Hot Wax)

Ben Taylor - Dolemite theme
(Dolemite soundtrack / Relapse)

Sifl Olly - Prostitute Laundry
(Sifl Olly Audio Library #2 / MTV Network)

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