4/10/2009 Voice Cried Softly


THE WIPERS: Nothing Left to Lose (The Best of Wipers and Greg Sage) Restless 1990 or so
AC/DC: Soul Stripper ('74 Jailbreak) ATCO 1974
VIVIAN GIRLS: Where Do You Run To? (self) In The Red 2008
CRYPTACIZE: Heaven Is Human (Dig That Treasure) AsthmaticKitty 2008
AIDS WOLF: Gnarly Tooth (Cities of Glass) Skin Graft 2008
THE BEATLES: Martha My Dear (self) Apple 1968
SWAN LAKE: Settle On Your Skin (Enemy Mine) Jagjaguwar 2009
LOUIS ARMSTRONG: La Vie En Rose (The Best Of) Decca 1957
THE CHASE: Data (Patched and Wired) self 2003
DAN DEACON: Red F (Bromst) Carpark 2009
THE FLYING LIZARDS: Her Story (self) Virgin 1979
CAMEL: Lady Fantasy (Mirage) Janus 1974
TUNE-YARDS: Sunlight (BiRd-BrAiNs) Marriage 2009
ANTONY AND THE JOHNSONS: Her Eyes Are Underneath the Ground (The Crying Light) Secretly Canadian 2009
BELL ORCHESTRE: Stripes (As Seen Through Windows) Arts Crafts 2009
ODD NOSDAM: We Bad Apples (T.I.M.E. Soundtrack) Anticon 2009
LARKIN GRIMM: Link In Your Chain (The Last Tree) Secret Eye 2006
EMPEROR X: Laminate Basement (Tectonic Membrane/Thin Strips On an Edgeless Platform) Snowglobe 2004
DONOVAN: The Enchanted Gypsy (A Gift from a Flower to a Garden) Epic 1967
WHITE MAGIC: Sun Song (Dat Rosa Mel Apibus) Drag City 2006
JONATHAN KANE: Super T-Bone (Jet Ear Party) Radium 2009

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April 10, 2009

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