4/5/2009 Wave Project

Playlist Tracks: 
Vril - Freakish Tarpaulin
Album: Effigies in Cork; Label: ReR
Captaion Beeffheart - Hot Head
Album: Doc at the Radar Station; Label: Virgin
Robert Wyatt - Muddy Mouse/Muddy Mouth
Album: Ruth is Stranger than Richard; Label: Hannibal Records / Rykodisc
Albert Marcoeur - Linge Sale
Album: Armes et cycle; Label: Philips, Label Freres
Andy Bole - Finikous
Album: Ramshackle Pier; Label: ReR
Amy Denio - (When George Bush Was Head of the) CIA
Album: More spoot/l piu grandisuccessi; Label: MORE Music /Spoot Music
Art Bears - The Song of Investment Capital Overseas
Album: The World as It Is Today; Label: ReR (Recommended Records)
Kalahari Surfers - Tongaat
Album: Kalahari Surfers Vol. 2; Label: ReR
ZGA - Downcast Miserable
Album: Sub Luna Mirror; Label: ReR
Lutz Glandien - Two of My Sisters
Album: Lost in Rooms; Label: ReR
After Dinner - After Dinner
Album: Editions; Label: ReR
K-Space - Wolf
Album: Going Up; Label: ReR
David Lee Myers - Pink Porous Rock
Album: Arcane Device; Label: ReR
Paolo Angeli - Si Riprende
Album: Bucato; Label: ReR
Janet Feder - I Hear Voices
Album: Speak Puppet; Label: ReR
Charming Hostess - MS Lot
Album: Punch; Label: ReR
Kampec Dolores - A Bivaly Hatan
Album: Sitting on the Buffalo; Label: ReR
Dave Kerman/Suu's - Couple #3 is a Solo
Album: Abandonship; Label: Cuneiform
Henry Cow - Bittern Storm Over Ulm
Album: Unrest; Label: ReR
Gentle Giant - Think of Me with Kindness
Album: Octopus Columbia; Label: Columbia