4/1/2009 Echo Chamber


Another solo trip in the Echo Chamber for DJ Baby Swiss... A great mix of dubwise stuff from the likes of LKJ, Matumbi, Volfoniq, Dub Club, Jamaica Super Dub, Channel U, Eating Betty, and Little Tempo. Also on the show, a Rocker T track featuring Joan Baez; a birthday tribute to the Peanuts; and jazz from Miles Davis and Ken Nordine. One very cool mix!
Note: * indicates recent releases and newly re-released material
Secret Panels - Strange Dub
album: ...vs. The Assessor [self release]
*Rocker T ft. Joan Baez - The Way Life Should Be
album: LUV is the foundation (advance ep) [Epiphyte]
LKJ - Want Fi Go Rave
album: Independant Intavenshan - The Island Anthology [Island]
*Mojo Morgan - Red Light (Roxanne)
album: got Mojo? [Keynote]
Jah Cure - Mr Jailer
album: cd single [SoBe]
Lloyd Charmers the Hippy Boys - Crimson and Clover
album: Psychedelic Reggae [Trybute]
Mutant Frogs - Echo Chamber
album: Warts 'n' all [Skankworks-IMT]
Jah Wobble Deep Space - Rimshot
album: Largely Live in Liverpool and Manchester [30Hz]
Eating Betty - Behold It Is I
album: Eating Betty In Dub [Acetone]
Matumbi - Wishing on a Star
album: Music In The Air anthology [Trojan]
-- vinyl selections from the KFAI record sale bins --------------
Mighty Diamonds - Tonight
album: Ice on Fire [Virgin]
Peter Tosh - Comin' In Hot
album: Wanted - Dread and Alive [EMI/Rolling Stones]
Terror Fabulous - Drop It Cool
album: 12 [Super Power]
Jamaica Super Dub - Dub Star (on the changes of Our Day Will Come)
album: Jamaica Super Dub Session [Wackie's]
Matumbi - Gloria
album: Music In The Air anthology [Trojan]
Dub Trio - Casting Out the Nines
album: Exploring the dangers of [ROIR]
Natacha Atlas - Ghanwah Bossanova
album: Mishmaoul [Mantra]
Miles Davis - The Little Blue Frog (alt)
album: The Complete Bitches Brew Sessions [Columbia]
Dub Club - Sleeping Dogs
album: s-t [self release]
Volfoniq - Drum Song
album: DBC Live [Antiblues-Le Tristaux Liquident]
Channel U - Ape-Man Talking
album: Ape-Man Talking [Concent]
Science Fiction - Beneath The Ice and Still Breathing
album: walls don't exist [Angry Robot-Third Earth]
Mad Professor - Boombox Dub
album: Dubtronic [Ras-Ariwa]
Little Tempo - Dub Is Happie
album: Kedaco Is Born [Cutting Edge]
Playgroup - The Slither
album: Epic Sound Battles Chapter 1 [On-U Sound]
I-Roy - The Godfather
album: Deejay A Menace Babylon [Burning Bush]
*Rocker-T - Dub Is The Foundation (dubstep remix)
album: LUV Is The Foundation [Epiphyte]

(happy birthday to... )
The Peanuts - Mahala Mosura
album: sdtk. Mothra vs. Godzilla [Futureland/Toho]

Ken Nordine - A Good Year for Spiders
album: Word Jazz - A Transparent Mask [Asphodel]
Jah Wobble - Sea-Side Special
album: The Legend Lives On.... Betrayal [Virgin]
Mutant Frogs - Echo Chamber
album: Warts 'n' all [Skankworks-IMT]
Mutant Frogs - Frog Wart
album: Warts 'n' all [Skankworks-IMT]

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Air Date: 
April 1, 2009