3/27/2009 Across The Board


This week on ATB, I am honoured to have Paul Robb of Information Society (www.myspace.com/informationsociety)
in the studio for a live interview. I would also like to thank local musician Alex V of the band Apraxia (www.myspace.com/apraxianation) for setting up the interview hosting the interview (I just sat back listened).

Mick Ronson - Only After Dark
(Slaughter On 10th Avenue / Snapper)

Info Soc - Can't Get Enough
(Synthesizer / Hakatak)

Apraxia - CyberChrist
(Protoform / Victory Media Solution)

Amdeide - Change Your Voice
(Condition Humane / 301 Studios)

**Interview with Paul Robb by Alex V**

artist unknown - INSOC Collage

INFO SOC - Peace Love Inc (Disco Mosh Pit mix)
(12 Single / Tommy Boy)

Karl Bartos - Ultra Violet
(Communication / UK release)

EPMD - So What Ya Sayin'
(Unfinished Business / Priority Records)

Think Tank - Googleplectic
(Skullbuggery / Hakatak)

artist unknown - Sample Archive

artist unknown - Wall Street MTV

Nocera - Summertime, Summertime
(12 Single / Sleeping Bag)

INFO SOC - The Seeds Of Pain
(Synthesizer / Hakatak)

(HACK / Tommy Boy)

Mach Fox - Axion/Frixion (Baxandall IP remix)
(self released)

Cybotron - Clear
(Clear 12 single / Metroplex)

Holocaust 427 - Diary Of Guile (egypt mix)
(digital download / MI6)

Apraxia - DNA Nanobots
(Protoform / Victory Media Solution)

Prince The Revolution - The Beautiful Ones
(Purple Rain / Warner Bros)

All The Pretty Horses - Falling In Love Again
(Queens Angels / Skindog)

All The Pretty Horses - If Were God Caught
(Creature / Skindog)

All The Pretty Horses - Black Leather
(Ruin / Skindog)

Amdeide - Sullen
(Condition Humane / 301 Studios)

Lollypop - Everybody Loves Dancing
(Self titled / self released)

The Replacements - Kiss Me On The Bus (R)
(Tim / Sire)

POP INC vs Apraxia - Looking To Stop The KLF
(mash-up / no label)

Prince The Revolution - I Would Die For You
(Purple Rain / Warner Bros)

Playlist Tracks: