3/26/2009 Fresh Fruit


*It's HER Story*

Pat explores through the writings of various s/heroes times past, present and future, and shares an on-going survey on the status of a Womanist Nation.


Transgender Warriors by Leslie Feinberg
Audre Lorde - excerpt from ZAMI, in Growing Up Gay/Growing Up Lesbian, Bennett Singer, Editor
Black Lesbian in White America by Anita Cornwell

Click to take the Status of the Womanist Nation survey here.:http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=hMtwzYf7_2fA4wkdKYYNk9_2fQ_3d_3d

Playlist Tracks: 
Gaye Adegbalola - Queer Blues
Album: Gaye Without Shame; Label: Hot Toddy
Angie Evans - The Way
Album: Cycle of Fruit; Label:
Joyce Cooling - Expressions
Album: This Girl's Gotta Play; Label: Narada
Tret Fure - True Compass
Album: NWMF 2007; Label: NWMF
Paprika - Haitian Medley
Album: NWMF 2007; Label: NWMF
Magdalen Hsu-Li - No Ordinary Girl
Album: Smashing the Ceiling; Label: Chick Pop