3/13/2009 Across The Board


Mick Ronson - Only After Dark
(Slaughter On 10th Avenue / Snapper)

Information Society - Running (12 Mix)
(Tommy Boy Greatest Beats Vol 4 / Tommy Boy)

Tyler Bates - Unwanted Guests
(The Devil's Rejects score / La-La Land Records)

Rob Zombie - Everybody Scream
(House Of 1000 Corpses / Interscope)

John Carpenter Alan Howarth - The Underground Church
(Prince Of Darkness soundtrack / AHI)

Genitorturers - Sin City
(Sin City / Cleopatra)

VNV Nation - Procession
(Praise The Fallen / TVT)

Amdeide - Condition Humane
(Condition Humane / 301 Studios)

Nine Inch Nails - Survivalism
(Survivalism CD single / Nothing)

Saul Williams Trent Reznor - Gunshots By Computer
(The Inevitable Rise Liberation Of Niggy Tardust! / Fader Label)

Alice Cooper - The Man Behind The Mask
(Constrictor / MCA)

The Chordettes - Mr Sandman
(Halloween II / Varese Sarabande)

***Mommy Sez No in studio***

Mommy Sez No Ari Lehman - Dinner Date
(Hotwaterburnbaby / MSN Records)

Mommy Sez No Ari Lehman - Mongo Chupa
(Hotwaterburnbaby / MSN Records)

Robert Rodriguez Graeme Revell - The Sickos
(Planet Terror / Varese Sarabande)

White Zombie - I'm Your Boogie Man
(Past, Present Future /Geffen)

Ripsnorter - Scream Queen
(Infected / R.I.P. Records)

Impaler - The Last Ride
(Habeas Corpus / Root Of All Evil Records)

20 Dollar Love - Maserati
(High Dr. / Crustacean Records)

Bloodcow III -Ghost Of Shadows
(Hail Xenu / Scurge Records)

Ari Lehman interview from Crypticon 2007
(Crypticon 2007 / SLT Records)

Mommy Sez No Ari Lehman - Ghoulette
(Hotwaterburnbaby / MSN Records)

Jamie Lee Curtis Donald Pleasence - Was That The Boogie Man?
(Halloween: 20th Anniversary Edition / Varese Sarabande)

John Carpenter Alan Howarth - End Credits: Halloween Theme Reprise
(Halloween: 20th Anniversary Edition / Varese Sarabande)

Scout Taylor Compton Malcolm McDowell - Was That The Boogieman?
(Rob Zombie's Halloween / Hip-O Records)

Tyler Bates - The Shape Stalks Laurie
(Rob Zombie's Halloween / Hip-O Records)

The Ludovico Technique - This Life
(internet download)

Wendy Carlos - Theme From A Clockwork Orange (Beethoviana)
(A Clockwork Orange / Warner Bros)

VNV Nation - Standing
(Empires / Metropolis)

Indoctri-Nation - USA? or USSR? / Banned
(The Banned / Noise 13)

Richard Brooker interview from Crypticon 2008
(Crypticon 2008 / SLT Records)

Elktronik Sciety - Chainsaw
(internet download)

Lydia Lunch's Teenage Jesus The Jerks - Orphans
(Everything / Atavistic Records)

Paul McCollough - Passage To Normal
(Night Of The Living Dead / Numenorean Music)

John Carpenter Alan Howarth - This Is Not A Dream
(Prince Of Darkness soundtrack / AHI)

John Carpenter Alan Howarth - A Message From The Future
(Prince Of Darkness soundtrack / AHI)

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