3/9/2009 Jet Set Planet


Jet Set Planet Playlist – March 9, 2009
*denotes artist’s debut on Jet Set Planet; + denotes request

key: Artist / Song / Album Title / Label

*Emil Richards/ Sunny/New Time Element/UNI

Ferrante and Teicher/Hurdy Gurdy/Blast Off!/ABC

Lalo Schifrin/Spill the Wine/Most Wanted/Universal

Armand Migiani/Knock Knock/Sex O’Rama/Decca

*Esther Ofarim/Come Hold Me Tight/German Film Composers #5: Peter Thomas/Bear Family

Dean Elliot/You Do Something to Me/Zounds! What Sounds!/Basta

Preston Epps/Doin’ the Cha Cha Cha/Bongo Rock/Collectibles

MUZAK/American Pie/Stimulus Progression #4/MUZAK Corp: A Teleprompter Company

MUZAK/3 Days of the Condor/Stimulus Progression/MUZAK Corp.

Syd Dale/Alone at Last/More than Music: MUZAK/MUZAK

MUZAK Corp. with Vinnie Bell/I am Woman/Stimulus Progression 5/MUZAK

*Trade Martin/Doug’s Theme (JSP Remix)-13/Made for Each Other/Buddah

Dave Pell/Lively One/Jazz Voices in Video/Liberty

*Shirley Bolt/Laughable/Music for the Big Scene: Sounds in Contrast/Contrast

Dave Brubeck/Countdown/Countdown Time in Outer Space/Columbia

*Emil Richards/Take Five (in 4/4)/New Time Element/UNI

Gus Vali/Lawrence of Arabia/Motion Picture Music for Belly Dancers/Musicor

Bobby Christian/Lonely Hill/Vibe-brations/Ovation

Riz Ortolani/Day of Anger/Day of Anger/RCA

Charles Bernstein/Erotica/Gator /UA

Sven Libaek/Attacking Sharks/Inner Space/Votary

*Patsy Galant/Psychedelic Party/The Initiation/Initiation

Fishermen/Hell Toupee/Psychic Jungle Malfunction/www. Fishermansburlesque.com

Mary Kaye Trio/An Occasional Man/For the Record/Verve

Bob Thompson/Look for the Silver Lining/Just for Kicks/RCA

Tito Puente/Witch Doctor’s Nightmare/Tambo/Arcano

Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra/Bongo Fury/Music and Rhythm/Ubiquity

*Brian Bennett/The Investigator/Shut It!/Cinephile

Piero Piccioni/Psychedelic Mood/Puppet on a String/Cinephile

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March 9, 2009

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