3/6/2009 Voice Cried Softly


FREE KITTEN: Erected Girl (Inherit) Ectstaic Peace! 2008
THE RAINCOATS: Off Duty Trip (self) Rough Trade 1979
SHANNON WRIGHT: The Path of Least Persistence (Figure II) (Dyed in the Wool) Quarterstick 2001
VIVIAN GIRLS: Tell the World (self) In The Red 2008
BITTERSWEET: Anti (4-song demo) Unreleased c1995
V FOR VENDETTA: This Song Prefers Not to be Labeled (Beneath This Mask Another Mask) Mr. Lady 2001
SLANT 6: Nights X 9 (Soda Pop*Rip Off) Dischord 1994
WHITE MAGIC: Dat Rosa Mel Apibus (Dat Rosa Mel Apibus) Drag City 2006
ROAST BEAST: Predator (Yellow Green Orange Red) Unreleased 2000
TARTUFI: My Loathsome Hero (Us Upon Buildings Upon Us) Thread 2006
ERASE ERRATA: Another Genius Idea from Our Government (Nightlife) Kill Rock Stars 2006
TICKLEY FEATHER: Fancy Walking (self) Paw Tracks 2008
DEAR NORA: Up On the Roof (Three States: Rarities 1997-2007) Magic Marker 1997
LKN: Come In from the Rain (January 2005, 10 Songs) Greyday 2005
LOZEN: Breech (Enemies Against Power) Australian Cattle God 2007
LARKIN GRIMM: I Killed Someone (Part 2) (The Last Tree) Secret Eye 2006
THE HAGGARD: Self-Medicate (The Haggard...with Haley [7-inch EP]) 16 Records 2001
LAURA BARRETT: Deception Island Optimists Club (Earth Sciences) Paper Bag 2008
DISCHARGE INFORMATION SYSTEM: Band Secret Number 1 (self) self 2003
RINGS: All Right Peace (Black Habit) Paw Tracks 2008
REBECCA MOORE: All Right Peace (Home Wreckordings 1997-1999) Knitting Factory 2001
NEW BLOODS: The Cycle Song (The Secret Life) Kill Rock Stars 2008
CYNTHIA DALL: Grey and Castles (untitled) Drag City 1996
SPIRES THAT IN THE SUNSET RISE: Morning Song (This Is Fire) Secret Eye 2008

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March 6, 2009

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