3/4/2009 Dart Gun Radio


thanks abbi!!! i always enjoy spinning records on dart gun radio. You are my favorite dj, you always rock something new to me. I'm so lucky to sub for you.

peace out, ryan

walk dont run by harlow wilcox and the oakies, Groovy grubworm and other golden guitar greats, Plantation records

Carnival in Spain by Magneta Lane, Dancing with daggers,Paper Bag records

Dummy by Ahab rex, Rolling with Ahab Rex Quintet, Lens Records

EL-P Instermental by NIN, Instrumentals, interscoope records

I Prededict a Riot by Kaiser Chiefs, Empolyment,Universial Records

Frontier Psychiatrist by The Avalanches, Since I Left You, Modular recordings

Thoughts by Ram Dass Kriece, Cosmix,Wave Form Records

Highlife(Fredwreck Remix Instrumental) by Cypress Hill,

Instramentals, Columbia Records

Hoodie by Lady Sovereign,Public Warning,Def jam Records

Deeper Underground Radio Edit by Jamiroquai, Deeper

Underground, Epic Records

Behold, Galvatron! by SuperVillains, SuperVillains,

Suckadelic Records

Autobot/Decepticon Battle by Vince DiCola,

Transformers the Movie, Legacy Records

Elliot Hughes Testitmony at Dave Thume rnc Hearing

turn back now - days of sorrow busted -untitled - blanket statement

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March 4, 2009

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