2/28/2009 This Little Girl's Gone Rockin'

Playlist Tracks: 
Future Lisa - Love to Spew
Album: Clone; Label: Future Noise Records
The Orchids - Oo-Chang-a-Lang
Album: Girls with Guitars; Label: Impact
Varetta Dillard - You Better Come Home
Album: The Lovin' Bird; Label: Bear Family
Vikki Nelson - I was a Fool for Leaving
Album: 7 45; Label: Vik
The Del Moroccos - That's a Pretty Good Love
Album: Blue Black Hair; Label: HiStyle
Ann-Margaret - Midnight Message
Album: self-titled; Label: MCA
Saint Tropez - Most of All
Album: Belle de Jour; Label: Butterfly Records
Maxine Nightingale - You Got the Love
Album: Right Back were we Started From; Label: United Artists
Voggue - Movin' Up
Album: self titled; Label: Atlantic
Sheila B. Devotion - Charge Plates Credit Cards
Album: self-titled; Label: Carrere
Lorraine Randolph - It's Over Between Us
Album: 7 45; Label: Gemini
Quiet Elegance - I'm Afraid of Losing You
Album: 7 45; Label: Hi
The Lovables - You're the Cause of It
Album: 7 45; Label: Toot
Ann Byers - I'm Happy Without You
Album: Philly Soul Girls; Label: Benn-X
Mel Henke - The Lively Ones
Album: La Dolce Henke; Label: Warner Bros.
The Zanies - Stalled
Album: 7 45; Label: Dore
The 99ers - (You can't take) My Boyfriend's Woodie
Album: Stand Up and Surf; Label: Spinout Records
Phaetons - Fling
Album: 7 45; Label: Hi-Q
The Night Beats - Exotic
Album: 7 45; Label: Sound Records
The Mus-Twangs - Roch Lamond
Album: 7 45; Label: Nero
The Temples - Hava Nagilah Twist
Album: 7 45; Label: Ad Lib Records
The Patty Cakes - I Understand Them (a long song to the Beatles)
Album: 7 45; Label: Tuff Records
The Angels - Little Beatle Boy
Album: Best Of; Label: Mercury
Donna Lynn - My Boyfriend got a Beatle Haircut
Album: cd-r; Label: cd-r
The Young World Singers - Ringo for President
Album: 7 45; Label: Decca
Chiwaki - A Hard Day's Night
Album: cd-r; Label: cd-r
The Pebbles - We Love The Beatles
Album: First Album; Label: Sympathy For the Record Industry
Polly Perkins - You too can be a Beatle
Album: Beat Chic - Dream Babes Vol. 7; Label: RPM
Air Date: 
February 28, 2009

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