2/23/2009 Jet Set Planet


Jet Set Planet Playlist – February 23, 2009
*denotes artist’s debut on Jet Set Planet

key: Artist / Song / Album Title / Label

*The Boardwalkers/Banzei Pipeline/Shots in the Dark/Donna

*Wayne and Geraldi /Angel Eyes/Popular Music Hit Parade: Reader’s Digest Box Set/RCA

Dick Dia/Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea/TV Potpourri/AF

101 Strings/Encanto Del Caribe/Music to Relax After a Hard Day/Alshire

Yma Sumac/Whip Dance/Legend of Jivaro/Right Stuff

Simonettie and Orchestra/Baiao (Bi Ya)/Brasil A Jato/RGE

*Denny McLain/Watch What Happens/Ultra-Lounge Vol 16/Capitol

*The Marketts/Mexican Sunset/Sunpower/World Pacific

Johnny Gibbs/Surfboard/Popular Music Hit Parade: Reader’s Digest Box Set/RCA

*Emery and His Violin of Love/Play Fiddle Play/Play, Emery, Play/ABC

Berry Lipman/Sunny/The Most Beautiful Girls in the World/EMI

*Hank Levine Singers and Orch/Can’t Buy me Love/Popular Music Hit Parade: Reader’s Digest Box Set/RCA

MUZAK CORP/Miniskirt/Reveille – The New Sound of Muzak/MUZAK

*Ray Davis the Caballeros/Mr. Dieingly Sad/Popular Music Hit Parade: Reader’s Digest Box Set/RCA

Bob Crewe Generation/Streetcar/Music to Watch Birds By/Dynavoice

*The Knightsbridge Strings/Cherokee/Big Beat/Riverside

Warren Barker/The Untouchables/Popular Music Hit Parade: Reader’s Digest Box Set/RCA

Piero Piccioni/Pearls/Easy Tempo Vol. 9/Right Tempo

Guido and Maurizio de Angelis/Gangster Story/Piombo Rovente/Plastic

Johnny Keating/Mirage/Here’s Where it is/WB

Andre Previn/Bluesette/The Popular Previn Plays Today’s Big Hits/Columbia

Michel Legrand/O-No-Ma-To-Pe/The Girl in the Car with Gun and Sunglasses/Philips

Jet Set Sweden/Police Woman/From Sweden to You/Parad

P. De Luca and I Mark 4/Corsa Mortale/Easy Tempo Vol. 9/Right Tempo

Astroglides/The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob/Channel Surfing/GP

Dick Hyman/Fantomfingers/Fantomfingers/Project 3

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February 23, 2009

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