2/23/2009 CHAT Radio: Hmong Arts Culture


Out of State Over the Phone Guest: Nenick Vue Fresno / Sacramento California co-creator of The MoVan Show.

Song of the Week: Jessica Vang Love from Michigan

Artist Guest: (Call in guest) Nenick Vu from Fresno / Sacramento California co-creator of:

The MoVan Show is a community based, for youth by youth Hmong television show that is broadcasted every other Tuesday on KBTV in Sacramento. KBTV is also on cable, allowing viewers from Chico all the way down to Bakersfield to watch it, with hopes of expanding to other Hmong communities such as the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. The show is produced and hosted by Nenick Vu, Peter Vang, Tong Thao, and Xou Vang. We primarily interview and exhibit local arts and community events. In addition, the MoVan show hopes to help promote upcoming artists and musicians, specifically their merchandise and apprarel, as well as be a venue for them to talk about their passion for art. We believe here at the MoVan that Hmong youth need to understand just how accesible and meaningful art can be whether they are creating it, or just participating in it.

Check them out:
www. myspace. com/movanshow

Playlist Tracks: 
Sudden Rush - Mi Noog
Album: Mi Noog Single; Label:
Kaishek - Nco Kuv Me Me
Album: ; Label:
Tsis K - Nco Kuv Niam
Album: Nco Kuv Niam; Label:
Jessica Vang - Love
Album: ; Label:
Jade Lee - Tou and Mai
Album: The Tou and Mai Soundtrack; Label:
Dyphunktional Family - All I know
Album: Looking for a Job; Label:
Ly VangSoua Thao - Tou and Mai song
Album: The Tou and Mai Soundtrack; Label:
The Kong and Shu Project - New Song
Album: ; Label:
Delicious Venom - 30 Year Secret
Album: The H Project CD; Label:
Air Date: 
February 23, 2009