2/20/2009 MN Soundtrack

Playlist Tracks: 
2NoHo - Storm Drain
Album: Readymade; Label: s.r.
Plasmatic Brain Spasm - Figaro
Album: Future is Future; Label: s.r.
Chooglin' - You Sucked the Life Outta Me
Album: Nice Place Nice Party Nice Folks; Label: Heart of a Champion
His Mischief - Towering Filth
Album: The Perfect Lover; Label: Modern Radio
The Danforths - Too Much Weekend
Album: Amphibian; Label: Modern Radio
France Has the Bomb - Invisible Angel
Album: 7; Label: Hozac Records
Ben Weaver - Pretty Girl
Album: the Ax and the Oak; Label: Fugawee
HeatDeath - HEAtDEAth
Album: hEATDEATh; Label: s.r.
Knife World - International Clam
Album: Roaratorio; Label: s.r.
Aby Wolf - Moving In
Album: Sweet Prudence; Label: s.r.
Guzzlemug - Title Unknown
Album: Title Unknown; Label: s.r.
Sharp Teeth - Mink
Album: Sharp Teeth; Label: s.r.
The Magic Castles - Hey Kids
Album: The Loreof Mysticore; Label: s.r.
Akai - Adrift
Album: Pretty Songs About Ugly Things; Label: s.r.
Bella Koshka - Relic
Album: Slow Dancing On the Ocean Floor; Label: s.r.
Chastity Brown - Rapture (hidden track)
Album: Sankofa; Label: s.r.
Dive Bomb Honey - Get Up
Album: 7; Label: Jilted Records
Tender Meat - As of un-named
Album: As of un-named; Label: s.r.
Vampire Hands - Queen Juno
Album: Nero's Neptune; Label: Modern Radio
the Blue Up? - Pink Turns to Blue
Album: Du Huskers; Label: Synapse Recordings
Gay Beast - Borgs For Every Borg
Album: 7' split w/ Twin; Label: SAF Recordings
P.O.S. - Living Slightly Larger
Album: Audition; Label: RSE
Air Date: 
February 20, 2009

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