2/15/2009 Wave Project

Playlist Tracks: 
Cui Jian - Nothing to My Name
Album: Cui Jian, 1986 - 1996; Label: IBAV
Natural Q - Natural Curl
Album: Break the Mold; Label: Pumping Robot Studio
Deserts Zhang - Baby (In a Day)
Album: My Life Will...; Label: Sony BMG
Hang on the Box - Shanghai
Album: Look Directly into the Sun, Chinese Pop 2007; Label: Invisible China
P.K. 14 - Fall of Night
Album: City Weather Sailing; Label: Maybe Mars Records
Zhang Zhenyue - Really Difficult
Album: Pining is a Kind of Sickness; Label: Rock Records
Tizzy Bac - Tennessee Cha Cha
Album: I Guess It's My Fault You Have Become This; Label: Wonder Music
Snapline - Jenny
Album: Party is Over, Porno Star; Label: Invisible China
New Pants - Love Teargas Bomb
Album: New Pants; Label: Modern Sky
Sober - Hey, I Love You!
Album: Great!?; Label: Modern Sky
My Little Airport - Edward, Had You Ever Thought That the End of the World Would Come on 20.9.01?
Album: Zoo Is Sad, People are Cruel; Label: Elefant Records
Subs - What More
Album: Look Directly into the Sun, China Pop 2007; Label: Invisible China
Super VC - Transparent
Album: Double Life; Label: Rock Records
XTX Cold Blooded Animal - Whereabouts Unknown
Album: XTX Cold Blooded Animal; Label: Jing Wen Records