2/13/2009 MN Soundtrack


Special (anti) Valentine's Eve episode

Playlist Tracks: 
Akai - Beautiful
Album: Pretty Songs About Ugly Things; Label: Band Kids Unite
Aviette - What Do You Want Me to Say
Album: The Way We Met; Label: Draw Fire Records
Atmosphere - Yesterday
Album: When Life Gives You Lemons, You Turn That Shit Gold; Label: RSE
Bellwether - Miss You Twice
Album: Seven and Six; Label: Rustbelt Records
Ben Weaver - 40 Watt Bulb
Album: Stories Under Nails; Label: Fugawee Records
Cloud Cult - As Long as You're Happy
Album: Aurora Borealis; Label: Earthology Records
Digitata - II Daggers
Album: II Daggers; Label: GNP Records
Eydea Ablities - Exhausted Love
Album: EA; Label: RSE
Halloween, Alaska - A New Stain
Album: Too Tall to Hide; Label: ESD
Husker Du - Never Talking to You Again
Album: Zen Arcade; Label: SST
Jessy Greene - You're Breaking Up
Album: A Demon Her Lovers; Label: Ravenstar Records
Mike Gunther - Hard Hearted
Album: Every Dream That's Dropped and Died; Label: Heart of a Champion
Murzik - Feel Like Giving Up
Album: Buried; Label: Pipe Club
Owls - Air
Album: Our Hopes and Dreams; Label: Magic Marker Records
Prince - Nothing Compares To You (Live)
Album: Ultimates; Label: WB
Solid Gold - Who You Gonna Run to Now
Album: Bodies of Water; Label: s.r.
Duplomacy - All These Long Drives
Album: All These Long Drives; Label: 2024 Records
Lookbook - Believe the Hype
Album: I Fear You, My Darkness; Label: s.r.
Roma di Luna - These Tears Ain't Mine
Album: Twin Town High Volume 8; Label: s.r.
The Replacements - All He Wants to Do is Fish
Album: All For Nothing; Label: Reprise Records
Air Date: 
February 13, 2009

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