2/7/2009 This Little Girl's Gone Rockin'

Playlist Tracks: 
The Percells - What are Little Boys Of
Album: 7 45; Label: ABC Paramount
Lil Randolph - Satellite Love
Album: 7 45; Label: Chock full off hits
The Rag Dolls - Dusty
Album: 7 45; Label: Mala
The Pacettes - Don't Read the Letter
Album: 7 45; Label: Regina
The Petticoats - Surfin' Sally
Album: 7 45; Label: Challenge
The Renowns vocals by Marjorie Lake - My Mind's Made Up
Album: 7 45; Label: Everest
Lucinda Williams - Can't Let Go
Album: Car Wheels on a Gravel Road; Label: Mercury
Voice of the Beehive - Beat of Love
Album: Let it Bee; Label: FFRR Records
Strawberry Switchblade - Ecstasy (apple of my eye)
Album: self-titled; Label: WEA
Pizzicato Five - Darlin' of the Discotheque
Album: The Fifth Release from Matador; Label: Matador
April March - Somewhere up Above
Album: Triggers; Label: PIASAmerica
Lush - 500
Album: Lovelife; Label: Warner Bros.
The Bristols - Romeo Juliet
Album: Tune in with...The Bristols; Label: Damaged Goods
The Phantoms - Night Beat
Album: 7 45; Label: Original Sound Record Co.
Judy Hale with Danny Hale his Trio - The Spider the Fly
Album: 7 45; Label: Bowery the dixie bop label
Teresa Brewer - Hello Bluebird
Album: 7 45; Label: Coral
Sue Raney - What's the Good Word Bluebird
Album: 7 45; Label: Capitol
Nadine Chorus - Hey Little Bird
Album: cd-r; Label: cd-r
Varetta Dillard - (twee twee twee) The Lovin' Bird
Album: title cut; Label: Bear Family
Tori Amos - Sweet Dreams
Album: Upside Down; Label: Vandalay Industries
The 5678's - 3 Cool Chicks
Album: Bomb the Rocks; Label: Time Bomb Records
Jackie DeShannon - When you Walk in the Room
Album: What the World Needs Now is Jackie DeShannon; Label: EMI
Glenda Collins - You're Gonna Get your Way
Album: This Little Girl's Gone Rockin'; Label: RPM
The Vernons - I Surrender
Album: Here Come the Girls Vol. 10; Label: Sequel
The Gossip - Heartbeats
Album: That's not what I Heard; Label: Kill Rock Stars
Linda Perell - Something Funny's Going On
Album: 7 45; Label: Dunes Records
Pippy Shannon - Shade of Red
Album: Gee Baby Gee; Label: Del-Fi
Metrogene Miles - Suffer
Album: 7 45; Label: Herald
Judy Clay - Busted my Mind
Album: 7 45; Label: Scepter
Ann Peebles - Generation Gap Between Us
Album: 7 45; Label: Hi Records
Ann Peebles - I'm gonna Tear your Playhouse Down
Album: I'm a Good Woman 2; Label: Harmless
Ruby-Rae Roberson - Love is a Question
Album: 7 45; Label: Asnes Records
Darlene Paul - On the Other Hand
Album: 7 45; Label: Kapp
Air Date: 
February 7, 2009

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