2/6/2009 MN Soundtrack

Playlist Tracks: 
Larry Wish - Unknown
Album: Tinymantown; Label:
Chastity Brown - Woman Gotta Move
Album: Sankofa; Label:
First Communion Afterparty - Contradiction
Album: Sorry For All The Mondays; Label: MPLS LTD
Grant Heart - 2541
Album: 2541 Single; Label: SST
Tapes n' Tapes - Conquest
Album: Walk it off; Label: XL Recordings
Birthday Suits - Flying Man Y2K
Album: split 7 w/ Peelander- Z; Label: Crustacean Records
Gospel Gossip - Revolution In Physics
Album: Sing Into My Mouth; Label: Guilt Ridden Pop
Solid Gold - Get Over it
Album: Bodies of Water; Label:
Fort Wilson Riot - An Imagined Civil State
Album: Idigaragua; Label:
Gay Beast - Unknown
Album: Disrobotics; Label: DNT
Midnight Evils - Good Morning, Afternoon
Album: Breakin it Down; Label: Estrus Records
Terracide - Climate Control
Album: The Dead; Label:
Miss Georgia Peach - You Blow My Mind
Album: ; Label:
Vertigo - Fire Escape
Album: Vertigo; Label: Ampetamine Reptile
12 Rods - One Thing Should Not Belong
Album: Twin Town 3; Label:
M.Anifest - Babylon Breakdown(Loon Edit)
Album: Manifestations; Label:
These Modern Socks - Let the Actress Starve
Album: Twin Town 3; Label:
Prince - Kiss
Album: The Ultimate; Label: wb
Big Quarters - Lou Diamond
Album: unkown; Label: unknown
Heiruspecs - Wardrums
Album: 10 Years Strong; Label: Interlock
Ghost in the Water - Clean Sinks and Folded Laundry
Album: Teeth; Label: s.r.
Air Date: 
February 6, 2009

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