1/29/2009 The Dakota Dave Hull Show


Hull, Dakota Dave New Shirt
Fuller, Blind Boy Flyin’ Airplane Blues
Hoopii, Sol’s Novelty Quartet Under the Tropical Moon
Blevins, Frank his Tar Heel Rattlers Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss
Dixon Brothers Ocean of Life
Phillips, Gene Flying Home
Wolfenbarger, Haskell Sailing Out on the Ocean
Carter Family The Storms Are on the Ocean
South Sea Islanders Chant of the Jungle
Pollack, Ben his Orchestra Deep Jungle
Ellington, Duke Echoes of the Jungle
Pendleton, Fred Come Take a Trip in My Airship
Bechet, Sidney Jungle Dreams
Bird’s Kentucky Corn Crackers Ship That’s Sailing High
Feathers, Charlie Jungle Fever
Rusk, Leon Air Mail Special on the Fly
Leake County Revellers Jungle Waltz
Mother McCollum Jesus Is My Air-O-Plane
Peoples, Tommy Out on the Ocean
Van Ronk, Dave My Name Joe
Maung Su Moe Pau Ko Phan (Flower of Heaven)
Don Tre Pa-Yam Plaing Si’am Gai Nyo
Ni Lemon, Dari Djangger Lagoe Taboehgari
Codallo’s Top Hatters Orchestra Tropical Heat
Holiday, Billie Under a Blue Jungle Moon
Christian, Charlie Solo Flight
Taraffo, Pasquale La Geisha
Angola Quartet Rise and Fly
Humbard Family I’ll Fly Away
Johanson, Robert Terraplane Bles
Howard, Paul’s Quality Serenaders Burma Girl
El Ciego Melquiades Los Aeroplanos
Morton, Jelly Roll Jungle Blues
Hull, Dakota Dave Bigtop Waltz

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Air Date: 
January 29, 2009

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