1/9/2009 Across The Board


R = requests

HOUR 1 / Voice Cried Softly 12 - 2 AM
Hang On To Yourself
I Feel So Bad / One Night (Elvis cover live 2002 / R for David Wiley Laura)
The Voyeur Of Utter Destuction (As Beauty)
Fall Dog Bombs The Moon
Foot Stompin' (live Dick Cavette 1974)
Black Tie White Noise (Waddell's Mix) (R)
Fashion (R for Courtney)

The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Trent mix)
Rebel Never Get Old
The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell
Moonage Daydream (live 1995) (R for Jen S)
David Bowie Mick Jagger - Dancing In The Streets (R)
David Bowie Hutch - Space Oddity (demo)
Ching A Ling
Letter To Hermione
Ching A Ling (demo)
I'm Not Quite (Letter To Hermione demo)
Sex The Church
Jump They Say

HOUR 3 / Across The Board 2- 5 AM
Mick Ronson - Only After Dark
Let's Spend The Night Together
Soul Love
Cracked Actor (R for Kookie)
Velvet Goldmine (R for Emmett)
Queen Bitch
Changes (live R for Megan)
Kloops Beer (Omicron: The Nomad Soul soundtrack)
Oh! You Pretty Things
Always Crashing In The Same Car (R)
Look Back In Anger
Sweet Thing / Candidate / Sweet Thing reprise

Segue -Baby Grace (A Horrid Cassette) / Hallo Spaceboy
Law (Earthlings On Fire)
Love Missile F 1-11
Cactus (R for Jen S)
Baby Loves That Way 1965
Baby Loves That Way 2002
Laughing Gnome
Slip Away (R for Mrs. SLT)
Days (R for Mrs. SLT)
Sons Of The Silent Age

Absolute Beginners
Loving The Alien
DJ (R for Jake)
Heroes / Helden (R for Jake)
Wild Is The Wind (live)
I'm Afraid Of Americans (NIN mix)
Magic Dance (R for Luci Dave)
Blue Jean
Bewley Brothers

Playlist Tracks: