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Can we have a case of the audio-fuckits? I don't know. but post severe lashings from many critics - both saying 'hey, there was a lot of good music in 2008' - and just as many saying 'you even had a top 10 of listenable stuff, everything sucks on your list.'... I don't know. i just play what i like people, and some of it i don't like.... its the way it goes.
got a suggestion for a record to check out- - old or new?

1. Halo of Flies - How does it feel - Music for insect minds - Amphetamine Reptile -- http://www.amphetaminereptile.com/

bed-music while I babbled about how much records sucked this last year and dealt with my served-up tounge lashing well.....
2. Halo of Flies - M.D. 20/20 - Music for insect minds - Amphetamine Reptile -- http://www.amphetaminereptile.com/
3. Halo of Flies - Pipebomb - Music for insect minds - Amphetamine Reptile -- http://www.amphetaminereptile.com/

Set 1 -- yes, nerdy a little time machine action. guess what, don't like it??? get your own show.

4. the Stooges (Iggy Pop) - 1969 - re-release - Rhino (my theme song for this year)

5. the Stooges - 1970 - Fun house - Elektra

6. the Mighty Ceasars - 1977 - Dope, Guns'-n fucking in the streets vol. 4-7 - Amphetamine Reptile (great compilation. Can't go wrong with Dope, Guns, and Fucking... oh yeah, and the record label's mix releases) -- http://www.amphetaminereptile.com/

7. the Bellrays - Psychotic Hate Man - Hard, Sweet and Sticky - Anodyne records -- www.anodynerecords.com (I love this record)

8. Aliens - Stow Away - Head First - Misc music. -- www.aliensmusic.com (I can't decide if i love what this guy is doing with the vocals or if i hate it. the music's great though, and the lyrics have this great simplicity that reminds me of classic punk rock... but that guys voice... i think i hate his voice, but then I like it for bothering me... no i hate it... )

Set 2
9. Nirvana - Dive - sliver ep - Subpop (in a time before web sites... thank god.)

10. Calisus - Never Coming Back - ... a New State of Normal - Mad Hatter Records -- www.calisus.com (I'm not an uber fan, but it seems like an o.k. first attempt. Some of the titles to the songs are really stupid, half of them are really rocking, and others - just sucking... my bet is that they'll do something though. I can't really give this one a grade or anything yet. the big shrug)

11. the Magnetic Fields - Till the Bitter End - Distortion - Nonesuch -- www.houseoftomorrow.com www.nonesuch.com

12. the Cows - Plowed - plowed ep - Amphetamine Reptile records -- http://www.amphetaminereptile.com/

13. Crisis - Kingdom's End - the Hollowing - Metal blade records (going out to rock and roll Riva. she calls in weekly and asks for this band and this band only. I figured I'd get her fix in, and mine to boot. why don't they make bands more like this again. crazy vox, good metal, singer makes her own evil artwork.... it's the shit)

bed music while I babbled:
14. Crisis - After the flood - the Hollowing - Metal blade records
15. Crisis - Sleeping the Wicked - the Hollowing - Metal blade records

16 Crisis - Surviving the Sirens - the Hollowing - Metal blade records

17. Civilized Society - will we fail - scrap metal - manic Ear records

18. .... But Alive - Die Brille Von der Nase Schlagen - 7 ep split with I Spy - campground records (here's a band for you pop punkers. Personally I love the I-spy side more, but they like to swear, and But alive, I don't speak German so I don't know if they swear or not... Besides, my sweetie may like it.)

19. the Spent 50's - Asleep at the wheel - LP split with Dead Town Revival - Sinister muse (oops, so this one swears.... this is an after/hours show, and none of the things uttered in a rock song has any reflection on the values of KFAI or anyone associated with the place.... If you are sensitive to swears - cover your ears.)

20. the Spent 50's - burn it down - LP split with Dead Town Revival - Sinister muse (local rockabilly. great stuff love it)

21. Die Kreuzen - In school - Cows and Beer - Version Sound

22. Die Kreuzen - Think for me - Cows and Beer - Version Sound

23. the New Standards - toxic - Rock and Roll - Princess records (another bunch of local heavy hitters)

24. the Coup - My favorite Mutiny - Pick a bigger weapon - Anti-records (this band, one of my favorites. no - KFAI has no ACON - but we have the Coup. If people even had half a clue how cool this band is, I'm sure it would have been taken by now. Lucky for you and I - it wasn't and we played this)

25. Atmosphere - your glasshouse - when life gives you lemons you paint that shit gold - Rhymesayers -- www.rhymesayers.com (still by far one of the easiest ones to call best of for 2008. I stand my ground.)

26. VAZ - satelights - ep split w/ - (ops, didn't finish)

27. Manifesto Jukebox - Shroud - V/A Passing Bells ep - Passing Bells records -- Passingbells@hotmail.com (a Born Against Cover)

28. Aesop Rock - none shall pass - none shall pass - Definitive Jux -- www.definitivejux.net

29. Eyedea Abilities - Exhausted Love - EA - Rhymesayers -- www.rhymesayers.com

30. Guts Pie Earshot - enemy today - distorted Wonderland - revolutions inside

31. Cyclone 60 - Hot Roller - Instant Classic - www.cyclone60.com

32. the Magnificients - Can't Explode - Year of Explorers - Mush records -- www.themagnificents.us (one of my new favorites)

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January 7, 2009

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