1/6/2009 Rhythm and Grooves

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* = New -
Album: ; Label:
* Todd Coolman - Crescent City Ditty
Album: Perfect Strangers; Label: Artist Share
* Ken Hatfield - I'm Movin' to Cool Breeze City
Album: to be continued; Label: M/Pub
* John Harden Project - Stella by Starlight
Album: Just Say So; Label: JohnHardenProject
* SteveHerberman Trio - Delilah
Album: Ideals; Label: REach Music
* Miami Saxophone Quartet - Dancing on a Cloud
Album: Fourtified; Label: Fourtitude Records
* Steve Wiest - Shiver
Album: Out of the New; Label: Arabesque Jazz
* Willie Martinez - Cayey
Album: After Winter, Spring; Label: Cuch be Witcha
* Danny Green - Gigi
Album: With You in Mind; Label: Alante Recordings
* Danny Caron - Body and Soul
Album: How Sweet it Is; Label: Danny Caron
* Burt Conrad - Above All Else
Album: Home at Last; Label: Sea Bright
* Mike LeDonne - Good Times
Album: Five Live; Label: Savant
* Sheila Jordan - Ballad for Miles/It Never Entered My Mind
Album: Winter Sunshine; Label: Justin Time
Air Date: 
January 6, 2009

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