12/31/2008 Rockin' In Rhythm


Play list for 12-31-08

Dorsey Burnette – Hey Little One

Dorsey Burnette – I Got the Sun in the Morning

Arthur Prysock – You Are Too Beautiful

Dorsey Burnette – Big Rock Candy Mountain

Johnny Otis – Harlem Nocturne

Johnny Otis – All Night Long

Johnny Otis – Hey Hey Hey

Johnny Otis/Mel Williams – Well Well Well

Dorsey Burnette – It’s Late

Ricky Nelson – It’s Late

Dorsey Burnette – Every Body’s Angel

Ricky Nelson – Waitin’ in School

Dorsey Burnette – Tall Oak Tree

Ruth Welcome – Third Man Theme

Champs – Tequila

Chuck Rios – Margarita

Del Shannon – Run Away

Del Shannon – Hats of to Larry

Monkees – Last Train to Clarksville

Monkees – Pleasant Valley Sunday

Monkees – Day Dream Believer

Peter, Paul Mary – If I Had a Hammer

Peter, Paul Mary – Puff the Magic Dragon

Peter, Paul Mary – Blowin’ in the Wind

Ventures – Hawaii Five-O

Ravens – Careless Love

Ravens – Don’t Look Now

Ravens – Marie

Ravens – Take Me back to My Boots Saddle

Ravens – Walkin’ with the Blues

Johnny Otis – Shake it Lucy Baby

Johnny Otis – Willie the and Jive

Johnny Otis – Willie did the Cha Cha

Johnny Otis – Crazy Country Hop

Arthur Prysock – Good Rockin’ Tonght

Arthur Prysock – Woke Up this Morning

Arthur Prysock – Cottage for Sale

Billy Eckstine – Cottage for Sale

Billie Eckstine – Still of the Night

Artgur Prysock – Still of the Night

Glenn Miller Band – Third Man Theme

Johnny Otis – Let the Sunshine in My Life

That’s it for this week and also for this year. Next week we will kick off 2009 in style with a program dedicated to the great Steve Allen, a true renaissance man. Three hours of the music and humor of Mr. Allen.

David C.

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December 31, 2008

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