12/31/2008 Dart Gun Radio


Happy new-years eve. doing something un-expected I started playing a few of my favorite records that came out this year.

1. Halo of flies - How does it feel - Music for insect minds - Amphetamine reptile

**2. Cicada Omega- this time another year - These Bones - self released
(this little ep blew my mind. HIghly recommended and comes with high anticipation of a full length!

3. Amazing - Kaney West - 808's and Heartbreaks - Roc - A - Fella Records
(This is a REAL album. you need to listen to the whole thing, at least twice before you get it. Once you do, you'll never put it down. f*kk i-tunes and top 30 radio playing only one song of choice.... you must check out the whole thing)

4. Mission of Burma - Academy Fight Song - Signals, Calls and Marches - Matador
(Another lovely little re-mastered - re-release.)

5. The Replacements - Swinging party - tim - sire
(because some of you will be finding one this evening)

6. Japanese Motors - Coors Lite - s/t - vice records
(fans of electric eel shock... happy times)

7. All girl summer fun band - oh no - Looking into it - self released
(no false advertisement here. the band name says it all)

8. Atmosphere - you - When life gives you lemons, you paint that shit gold - Rhymesayers
9. Atmosphere - - When life gives you lemons, you paint that shit gold - Rhymesayers
10. Atmosphere - Glasshouse - When life gives you lemons, you paint that shit gold - Rhymesayers
(thank you Allison!)

11. Doomtree - Dots Dashes - Doomtree - self released
12. Doomtree - The Wren - Doomtree - self released
(definitely one of the best records of the year. if it's not on someone's top 10, give them a virtual clock in the head.)

13. the black hollies - Hamilton Park Ballerina - casting shadows - Ernest Jenning Records

14. the Heys - Clanprimate - Youngbored Broke

15. The Handsome Devil - Rob The Prez-O-Dent - A City Dressed in Dynamite

16. the Emeralds - love is rolling - love is rolling - Australian cattle gods

17. Dillinger Four - Contemplate this on the tree of woe - Civil war - Fat Wreck Chords
(If you've missed their career up until now, you must be musically flerged. Never fear, your audio viagra is here! Damn amazing. tear your teats off good! I was blown away, proving once again, there are no others like these guys. Hometown heros! A must by for your political-pop-punk pleasure)

18. Subhumans - firing squad - death was too kind
(I'm totally confused about which subhumans this is now. re-released on Alternative tentacles, I do believe it's the more familiar and not the Canadian one on SST - but.... Anyway, i love this album, this is a must have of their greatest hits. Now I will go back to punk rock school because I have failed the long-term memory test.)

19. the Melvin's - suicide in progress - Nude with boots - Ipecac

20. Lydia Lunch H.O.F. - When I'm loaded - ep - Amphetamine Reptile

21. Starvin' Hungry - Left Hand Endeavor - - Cold Burns
(this record sort of blind-sided me with it's rockin' goodness. if you haven't had a chance to check them out, do so.)

22. Heroine Sheiks - Be a Man - Journey to the center - Amphetamine Reptile

23. Michael Franti - Yell Fire - Yell Fire
(maybe not his best album per-say, but definitely one of his best songs!! One more for the Bush legacy audio file. sigh.... memories.)

24. Calexico - Victor Jara's Hands - Carried to Dust - quarterstick / touch and go
(stellar. even better live.)

25. Cordero - La Musica es la medicina - de Donde eres - bloodshot records
(now those of us in the midwest have missed them on tour again and again - so there has been a void in our experience. love the record. good stuff)

26. Sacha Silva - Nostalgia - Anatomy of a coup -

27. Crystal Castles - 1991 - s/t
(I guess this record actually came out a while ago, but was recently re-serviced to the station, and started an obsession with me and all those around. most addictive record ever. What is it like to be a video-game-character with your own soundtrack??? - find out now!)

28, Man Man - El Azteca - Rabbit habits -
(i know, I know, but I just love these guys)

29. The Dresden Dolls - Lonesome Organist - No Virginia

30. Pride Tiger - What it is - the Lucky ones - Caroline records

31. Imperial Leather - shedding - Profane Existence

32. Cecilia Ann - Ramblin Ambassadors -

top 10 for 2008

1. Doomtree - s/t - Doomtree Records
2. Dillinger Four - Civil war - Fat Wreck Chords
3. Calexico - Carried to Dust - quarterstick / Touch and Go
4. the Melvin's - Nude with Boots - Ipecac
5. Atmosphere - When life gives you lemons, you turn that shit gold - Rhymesayers
6. H.O.F. - ep - Amphetamine reptile
7. Heroine Sheiks - Journey to the center of the knife - Amphetamine Reptile
8. the Emeralds - Love is Rolling - Australian Cattle Gods
9. Crystal Castles - s/t -
10. Dragged by horses -

Honorable mention:

Cordero - De Donde Eres - Bloodshot records
Baby Dee - safe inside the day - Drag City
Pride Tiger - the lucky ones- caroline records
Lightspeed Champion - Falling off the lavender bridge
Tommy Guerro - return of the Bastard - galaxia
Kaney West - 808's and Heartbreaks -
Mogwai - the hawk is howling - beggars
All girl summer fun band - looking into it.
Magnetic Fields - strange distortion -
the Clash - live at shea stadium - epic
Racebannon - acid or blood
Imperial leather- Do you know.... - Profane Existence
TV on the radio - Dear Science - touch and go
the Bellrays - hard sweet sticky - widespread pacific
Man Man - Rabbit habits - Anti records
REM - Accelerate

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December 31, 2008

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