12/30/2008 Dig Up The Roots


2008 is history and the new dawn of 2009 is breaking through the clouds. We here at Dig Up The Roots want to help you with your New Years Resolutions. With the aid of old exercise, self improvement and instructional records (and the usage of a Hypnosis 78 RPM) this show should help you with suggestions for the New Year...if you want help.

We spent the first part of the program improving our cultural and social skills by learning to sing, speak effectively, play the blues, and a life long dream of my own come true: Co staring with Fernando Lamas!

For all you listeners wanting to shed a few pounds, we had a set for you too. A Good Housekeeping record, Jack La Lanne and one of the most driven fitness fanatics ever: Bonnie Pruden. Don't even try to imagine your body doing what she is telling you to do. Just do it before she gets mad, it will be easier that way.

Playing Bridge, Golf, calling ducks and learning something about wine were also part of the program. After todays show, the upcoming year should be a breeze.

Playlist Tracks: 
Fritz Shetsler Egidia Bonessi - What Is Singing? / Breath Control / The Vowels
Album: You Can Learn To Sing; Label: Knight
Milton Cross - How Your Voice Instrument Works
Album: Dr. Walter O. Robinson's Course In Effective Speaking; Label: Harper Brothers 78 RPM
Fernando Lamas Greg Carr - Scene 2 from The King And The Chorus Girl
Album: You Act Scenes Opposite Your Favorite Star: Fernando Lamas; Label: Co-Star Records
Georgiana Liccione Stewart - Disco Fun / Easy Walk
Album: Disco For Kids: Disco Rhythms and Coordination Patterns for Limited Spaces; Label: Kimbo Educational
Dick Weissman Dan Fox - Variation on #5 / Key To The Highway
Album: How To Play The Blues: GuitarTechniques and Strums; Label: MMO
Bonzo Dog Band - Can Blue Men Sing The Whites?
Album: Urban Spaceman; Label: Imperial
The Bob Prince Quatet with Julie Conway, Narrator - Exercise 9
Album: Good Housekeeping's Plan For Reducing Off-The-Record; Label: Harmony
Bonnie Prudden -
Album: ; Label:
Bonnie Prudden -
Album: ; Label:
Bonnie Prudden -
Album: ; Label:
The Carlisles - Female Hercules
Album: 78 RPM; Label: Mercury
Jack La Lanne with Dave Bacal - Exercise 7: Pogo Jumping / Exercise 14: Arm Extension
Album: Glamour Stretcher Time; Label: La Lanne Inc
Norman La Plante - Milady, Your Figure! Exercises 3 4
Album: 78 RPM; Label: Capitol
Mary Kay - Booking, Coaching Recruiting Your Way To Success
Album: A Personal Message From Mary Kay; Label: Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc
Dow Finsterwald Bob Goalby - When In Doubt, Wedge It Out
Album: 10 Ways To Take Strokes Off Your Game; Label: Munsingwear Inc
Oswald Jacoby - How To Play Bridge
Album: Hear How To Play Winning Bridge; Label: Carlton Record Corp
J.R. System: Wild Duck Calling - True Calls
Album: 78 RPM; Label: J.R. System
Professor Alwyn Stevenson - Individual Group Hypnosis / Induction of Self-Hypnosis
Album: 78 RPM; Label:
Negativland - Perfect Scrambled Eggs
Album: Potatoes: A Collection of Folk Songs From Ralph Records; Label: Ralph Records
Bern Ramey - Preface
Album: Bern ramey On Wine: A Sound Education For The Greater Enjoyment Of Wines; Label: The Wine Record Co
Henry Kiaser Band - The Ballad Of Shane Muscatel
Album: Heart's Desire; Label:
Bob Conklin - The Key To Motivation (excerpt)
Album: The Key To Motivation; Label: Midwest Audio-Visual Company
Wall Of Voodoo - Tomorrow
Album: Call Of The West; Label: IRS
Air Date: 
December 30, 2008

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