12/25/2008 Fresh Fruit


A look at the celebrations of Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa from LGBT folks and friends, and a tip of the hat to Ms. Eartha Kitt.


Spinning Tales by Gail Rosenblum - Star Tribune - 12/22/08 pps.E1, E8
Christmas by Michael DeJong 12/22/08 www.zencleansing.com
Kwanzaa from the Official Kwanzaa Information Center http://www.melanet.com/kwanzaa

*Time for A Change*

Time to change
Dope addicts to drug ill(ness)
Time to stop all hate groups and put into one body of people
Time to give the poor, the sick, the wicked
Decent places to live
Time to stop breaking down walls of faith
And start building
Building respect
Building health
Building love
Building the church (sacred place)
Time to stop judging peoples’ characters on the merit of the pocketbook
It is time to unburden yourself with half-truths
And tell it like it is

- Doretha Smith Davis Nelson (1921-1981)

Playlist Tracks: 
Dave Koz - Eight Candles - A Song for Hanukkah
Album: ; Label:
Eartha Kitt - Santa Baby
Album: ; Label:
Daniel Cartier - A Perfect Place for Christmas
Album: ; Label:
Women of the Calabash - Nguzo Saba
Album: ; Label:
Meshell Ndegeocello - Grace
Album: ; Label:
The Producers Soundtrack - Till Him
Album: ; Label:
Connie Evinson - When I'm 64
Album: ; Label:
Janis Ian - Standing in the Shadows of Love
Album: ; Label: