12/24/2008 Dart Gun Radio


Ryan - YOU ARE THE BEST! thank you for covering for me while i was in Indiana - doing the family thing, big meals and card games. good times.
you were saving my butt.

to a great man, here is his playlist

The Junch - Nutcracker
run dmc - Christmas In Hollis -
Kazik - mars napada


De la Soul --- say no go
Dr. Elmo -- grandma got run over by a reindeer
Brainpower -- Maybe
Alpinestar -- cabon kid

prodigy - spit fire

System of a Down -- Radio
Easy E -- Creep and Crawl
high jack -- dr Kennith Mcfarland

earl bostic - that old black magic
curtis mayfield - Junky Chase

deerhoof (getwildmessupsAHHHHHHHHHH)
afrika bambata the soul sonic force --looking for the befrect beeat


deltron 3030 -- virus
beastie boys heart attack man
Cynthia McKinney
skoal kodiak - split tape w/ knife world

beastie boys-- heart attack man.
Immortal Technique - Industrial revolution
Building Better Bombs - wintertour tape


Rage Against the Machine Howda be played on a juke box
Building Better Bombs - wintertour tape (continued)

thanks again it is always fun, ryan

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December 24, 2008

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