12/17/2008 Echo Chamber


Just when you thought you had heard everything on the Echo Chamber, we put together a show that included 6 orchestras, Louis Armstrong (twice, plus 1 impersonation), Duke Ellington Count Basie, and an exclusive mix (from TurnTableTerrorist) in which the latest track is dated 1933. On top of this craziness, we did a bit of Reggae Christmas - with Yellowman, T.S.P.O., and What A Wonderful World (both the new Orb remix, and the reggae version from Stingers ATX and Sledge). Finally, a bunch of new items including: Northern Faction 4 (on Balanced); the excellent 3 Cities from Bombay Dub Orchestra (on Six Degrees); the incredible Chinese Dub from Jah Wobble and the Chineses Dub Orchestra (on 30Hertz); the Secret Dubs EP from Hotdrop; and single tracks from Eric Blowtorch The Welders (Salt Water on Bopaganda), Daily Bread Dub, Garish Cyborg, Madtone, and others.
Note: * indicates recent releases and newly re-released material

Playlist Tracks: 
*Noisehaper - Universal
Album: Northern Faction 4; Label: Balanced
*Dubmatix - Black Madonna Dub
Album: Northern Faction 4; Label: Balanced
Dub In a Nutshell - Noche en Marzo
Album: promo only; Label: N/A (direct from artist)
*Hotdrop - Tell Me Dub
Album: The Secret Dubs EP; Label: aquietbump
*Eric Blowtorch The Welders - Salt Water
Album: Salt Water single; Label: Bopaganda
*Daily Bread Dub - Gun Smoke 1
Album: TBD; Label: N/A (direct from artist)
*Ackboo - Botswana Dub
Album: Step 4 I vol. 2; Label: ODGproduction
*Madtone - WP 1
Album: N/A; Label: Blossoms Kitchen
*Louis Armstrong / The Orb - What a Wonderful World
Album: Verve Remixed Christmas; Label: Verve
Stingers ATX / Sledge (from the Toasters) - What a Wonderful World
Album: This Good Thing; Label: Jump Up!
*Jah Wobble Chinese Dub Orchestra - Yellow Mountain
Album: Chinese Dub; Label: 30 Hertz
*Bombay Dub Orchestra - Spiral
Album: 3 Cities; Label: Six Degree Records
Berlin Symphony Orchestra - Nutcracker Suite (Baz Kuts Breaks Mix)
Album: Christmas Remixed; Label: Six Degree Records
============== -
Album: ; Label:
Phonograph Phanatic Mini-Mix (from Terry C at Echo Beach, WLUW-FM) -
Album: ; Label:
1. - Ben Selvin and Helen Rowland - Dinner At Eight – 1933
Album: ; Label:
2. - Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra - There’s A Cabin In The Pines
Album: ; Label:
3. - Bing Crosby – Did You Ever See a Dream Walking? – 1933
Album: ; Label:
4. - Bing Crosby – Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? – 1933
Album: ; Label:
5. - The Mills Brothers – Lazy Bones – 1933
Album: ; Label:
6. - Roy Fox His Band – The Echo of a Song
Album: ; Label:
7. - Henry Hall The BBC Dance Orchestra – Radio Times
Album: ; Label:
8. - Al Bowlly with Lew Stone His Band – My Woman - 1932
Album: ; Label:
============== -
Album: ; Label:
*OnDubGround - Lion Kingdom
Album: Rise And Fall; Label: ODGproduction
*Burning Spear - You Were Wrong
Album: Jah Is Real; Label: Burning Music
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - Silver Lining
Album: Reggae With Xmas Lovers [EP]; Label: King (Japan)
Yellowman - We Wish You A Reggae Christmas
Album: A Very, Very, Yellow Christmas; Label: RAS
Colin Giles - Lady
Album: N/A (selected by Victor Rice for an Echo Beach summer mix); Label: N/A
Ras Michael - Run Aggressor + version
Album: One Train Load of Dubs (compilation from Planet Jackson); Label: not sure
*Garish Cyborg - Versalife
Album: Green Yellow Red EP; Label: Jamendo.com (download)
Mutant Frogs - Spiral Arms Dub
Album: It's One Of Ours; Label: IMT-Skankworks
The Peeping Toms - Supercoco (Muppet Invasion)
Album: The Peeping Toms; Label: Grover
*Mean-Deep - Goodabbad (les ecolos)
Album: Mean-Deep; Label: Funketabla
*Sounds from the Ground - Sweet Confusion
Album: Brightwhitelight; Label: Waveform
The Peanuts - Zui Zui Zukkorobashi
Album: Dream Box; Label: King (Japan)
The Peanuts - Atemoyan
Album: Dream Box; Label: King (Japan)
Duke Ellington Count Basie - To You
Album: The Count Meets the Duke; Label: Columbia
Josh Roseman - Satta Massaganna
Album: New Constellations: Live in Vienna; Label: Accurate
Spooky - The River
Album: Sound-System 01; Label: Hope Recordings
Squarepusher - The Coathanger
Album: Just A Souvenir; Label: Warp
*DJ Baba James - Mr. Whetzel's Extraordinary Intergalactic Fuji
Album: The House of Good Juju; Label: Funketabla
Mutant Frogs - Warpville
Album: It's One Of Ours; Label: IMT-Skankworks
Air Date: 
December 17, 2008