12/14/2008 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground


*Feature Presentation* - *The World Beneath, Part 2*. Arthur continues his explorations of some less-than-savory parts of Dinotopia, led there by Crabb, the sailor who claimed to have a submersible. Arthur finds that Crabb is not as trustworthy as even he had suspected. From a href=http://www.zbs.org/catalog/ target=_newZBS.org/a, and adapted from the a href=http://www.dinotopia.com/ target=_newillustrated books/a by James Gurney.
*Selected Shorts* - *October Surprises* from a href=http://www.dougbost.com/unionsignal/ target=_newUnion Signal/a in New York. Doug Bost and Jeff Ward bring us another in a series of speculative pieces for public radio, segments which seem like they must be real until you find yourself hoping they're not. This story concerns a murderer who seems to be even more prolific since his death.

Playlist Tracks: 
James Gurney - The World Beneath, Part 2
Album: The World Beneath; Label: ZBS.org
Union Signal - October Surprise
Album: Union Signal; Label: dougbost.com
Air Date: 
December 14, 2008

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