12/10/2008 Dart Gun Radio


Del dap- leshin
dj abilityis void - instrumntal putu ma
they might be giant - sleeping in the flowers
white strpie hotel yorbal
DJ Dolores shaksepear
cybophonia - azona pop

dmx run paul
you know who did it

gorillaz d12 911
spakemonkeys vs gorilaz 19/2000

nofx reeko
kazer chies mystery
lost prophets- fake sounds of progress
daft punk

On Tue, Dec 30, 2008 at 8:35 AM, Rey Willems dutchwaffles@gmail.com wrote:
sorry i was looking in my email, I think I still owe you a play list from the 10th, i need to listed to it and make some corrections but this is what I wrote down. It did not send and saved an an unfinished draft, I'll fix it soon. excuse me, thanks.

later, ryan

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December 10, 2008

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