12/7/2008 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground


*Feature Presentation* - *The World Beneath, Part 1* (of 4). a href=http://www.dinotopia.com/ target=_newJames Gurney's books/a about an island where dinosaurs and humans live together and share a culture of peace. Arthur and his son Will each go exploring on the island. Adapted by Meatball Fulton at a href=http://www.zbs.org/catalog target=_newZBS.org/a.
*Second Feature* - *Wizard Jack*. Jack is not a very good wizard, but he is earnest and often capable of amazing things. And he gets flustered under pressure. This time he has trouble hanging on to all the tomorrows in the face of the enemies of innovation. From the a hjref=http://www.greatnorthernaudio.com/ target=_newGreat Northern Audio Theatre/a.

Playlist Tracks: 
Jim Gurney - The World Beneath, Part 1
Album: The World Beneath; Label: ZBS.org
Brian Price - Wizard Jack
Album: Dialogue with Martian Trombone; Label: greatnorthernaudio.com
Air Date: 
December 7, 2008

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