12/5/2008 Voice Cried Softly


HAWKWIND: Brainbox Pollution [probably 1973]
CRESCENT: Spring (By the Roads and the Fields) FatCat 2003
LES GEORGES LENINGRAD: skeleton (Sngue Puro) Tomlab 2006
OLIVER! [orginal cast recording]: Food Glorious Food! [1961]
18TH DYE: Island vs. Island (Amorine Queen) Crunchy Frog 2008
ELECTRELANE: Two For Joy (Axes) Too Pure 2005
ARETHA FRANKLIN: Don't Play That Song For Me (Spirit in the Dark) 1970
PANDA BEAR: Comfy In Nautica (Person Pitch) Paw Tracks 2007
PLANT MUSIC: March of the Chocolate Soldiers (Plant Music) [a record to play for plants to help them grow!]
PONYTAIL: Small Wevs (Ice Cream Spiritual) We Are Free 2008
ROBERT WYATT: Little Red Riding Hood Hit the Road (Rock Bottom) 1974
LARKIN GRIMM: Blonds and Golden Johns [?] (Parplar) Young God 2008
JOHN LENNON: Going Down On Love (Walls and Bridges) 1974
TAJ MAHAL: Country Blues #1 (De Ole Folks at Home) early 70s
ABE VIGODA: Dead City/Waste Wilderness (Skeleton) Post Present Media 2008
PDQ BACH: Madrigal, My Bonnie Lass She Smelleth from The Triumphs of Thusnelda's. 1601 [I doubt it was recorded in 1601, but that's what it says!]
ZAPRUDER'S SLUNGSHOT: Rounding Cape Horn 1997 [from a record that was never released]
SPROTON LAYER: In the Sun (With Magnetic Fields Disrupted) Newalliance 1971
HAMPTON GREASE BAND: Evans (Music to Eat) 1971

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December 5, 2008

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