11/21/2008 MN Soundtrack

Playlist Tracks: 
P?M - Hll bill Heroin
Album: The Empty Red Sessions; Label:
Lookbook - Believe the Hype
Album: I Fear You, My Darkness EP; Label:
Gospel Gossip - Wind
Album: Sing Into My Mouth; Label: Guilt Ridden Pop
Murzik - Kosovo
Album: Buried; Label:
Dance Band - Pedal Power
Album: Pedal Power single; Label:
Cloud Cult - Intro track
Album: Advice From the Happy Hippopotamaus; Label: Earthology
Badgermen - Falling Down
Album: ; Label:
Vampire Hands - Queen Juno
Album: Too Punk to Fuck; Label:
Happy Apple - Breakneck
Album: Blown Shockwaves and Crash Flow; Label: Liberation Mob
Skoal Kodiak - Cruel Tic
Album: Live at the Turf Club; Label:
The Owls - Air
Album: Our Hopes and Dreams; Label:
Dreamland Faces - Dreamer
Album: ; Label:
Suburbs - Rattle My Bones
Album: Love Is the Law; Label: PalyGram
Daughters of the Sun - Light as a Feather
Album: Visions of the Ocean Head; Label:
E.V. - I Would Die 4 U
Album: Purple Rain cover album; Label:
Prince - I Would Die 4 U
Album: Purple Rain; Label:
Signal to Trust - The Great and Terrible King
Album: ; Label:
Unknown Saxophonist -
Album: ; Label:
Bare Bones Band 2008 -
Album: ; Label:
Knife World - Eye For a Lie
Album: Roaratorio; Label:
Caly McMorrow - Exception
Album: All of This is Temporary; Label: Temper Tantric
Askeleton - Sleep
Album: The Future EP; Label:
Air Date: 
November 21, 2008

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